Growlanser Generations

Come on! Tell me I’m not the ONLY one playing this game!

I just started it on Friday, and it’s great. I beat Growlanser 2 in like, three sittings :stuck_out_tongue: I’m playing through it again and I’m already halfway through. So who’s playing it? What are your thoughts? Me, I can describe it like this… “Worth the 9 month wait, and worth the 5 month delay.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, a tip for those of you playing through Growlanser 2: [SPOILER]As you may have noticed or guessed, there are several different character endings, and they’re all based on that friendship meter in the status menu. Well, two things:

  1. Getting killed in battle lowers the friendship meter, so watch the hell out.

  2. Information new to me: you have to get the three girls’ endings before you get any of the guys’ endings. So, be nice to the chicks :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t get ANY endings the first time through, cos I wasn’t nice to Charlone, I got Riviera killed a lot, and I didn’t even recruit Arieta, lol :P[/SPOILER]

Heh. Yeah it was worth it. Although if you beat the third game it ends saying “To be continued in GrowLanser 1 and 2.” And it was worth the wait. Hell it was worth the 95 dollars for the deluxe

Damn you! you have the game and I don’t,and I really want to play it,but FMA comes next week and I’m saving for it so Growlancer will have to wait till my scholarship.

I got the collectors edition and proudly wear my watch! The game is badass and the story in 2 seems to be satisfying me so far… although I’m only to the part where:

Max (or someone who looks like him) breaks the dam and we have to run away…

It kinda reminds me of an anime-ish FFT…! Ive been waiting for another good strategy RPG.

I’m too poor right now, or else I’d have it.

Just Breed is better.

I have it and I may have to restart. :bowser: I used the in-battle save feature on a battle I don’t think I can win. It’s the one where Wein has to sneak in and start the fires. I usually wouldn’t use the in-battle save, but you have a pain in the butt fight before it. Stupid mages with their lvl 4 Soul Force doing 140 damage.

Mmmm… Growlanser. I love this game. The battle system is a good balance for tactics; not to chess-like or warcraft-ish (nothing against chess of warcraft, but neither of those tactical styles would have been right for this game).

Despite the somewhat oddness of the ring-weapons, in terms of concept, I think they rock on toast. Mastering skills is another really good part, as I realized suddenly at one point that the reason one character wasn’t learning a spell was that I hadn’t bought the prerequisite, and the reason another wasn’t learning was that the character’s magic skills were non-existant. It gives me a lot of hope for the replay of the game, when I can explore different styles of playing the various characters (What If I choose not to give Charlone 3 Lvl 8 Hyper-Attack gems? Will she still kick ass?).

My favorite part has got to be Wein’s weapon though. You don’t see that sort of main character/weapon combo very often. Its refreshing.

But yeah, this game rocks. Now for advice moments:

Dude789: That raid on he supply fort… If you haven’t already started the attack, switch your gems to lvl6 quickness gems and the lvl 6 angel gem that auto-raises you once. Stand just at the edge of the bridge and charge up your highest spell. Blast the spear guard on the bottom right, then immediately put the hurt on with your pointy stick. Use dash and run into the two rooms and run right back out. Hopefully you won’t even need the auto-raise, but its a good precaution anyway. This whole tactic assumes of course that you haven’t been seen yet. If you saved after letting them see you coming… you are probably screwed.

And my question: If I have Sereb in my team, does that mean that I somehow failed to recruit Arieta, or should I just be patient and find out in good time?


Heh Delita…for that particular fight, I opted to kill all the guards :stuck_out_tongue: I just wanted the experience so bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

dude789: You should go to options and turn on the AutoSave function. It creates an entirely separate save from your main save, and it doesn’t erase when it’s turned off. The AutoSave will save in between those two fights.

Also, if you’re having trouble with the fight, Here’s how I did it…maybe you can modify my strategy to fit what you’ve got:

For starters, you should PROBABLY have these spells and skills:

Attack Up
Cycle Up
(Atrophy) <---- You don’t need Rust or Atrophy, but they’re certainly nice to have.
System Shock

For equipment, you should probly have either a Reius, Warien, or Gris ring, as they raise STR and ATK. Also, you should have an Angel’s Secret gem (Lv.6, brings you back to life just once), and maybe a Balance Destroyer gem (Lv.8, lengthens enemy ATW). I also had a level 6 Hyper Attack gem (Lv.6, adds 1 extra attack that deals 1/2 damage.)

The first thing I do is go left (Cos the Archer is there; the archer isn’t gonna rush you, so you have to kill her first), and right before I get in her sights, I cast Shield Lv3. This will alert her to your prescence btw. After that, cast Attack up Lv3, and Cycle Up Lv1. Next just walk up and wail on the Archer. The other three guys will start coming after you after they put up the smoke signals, so get ready to kill them after you kill the Archer. Use System Shock on the batallion commander, cos you wanna get that fool killed FAST. If you do this right, you’ll be sitting along for a few moments until the reinforcements come. Take this time to cast Cure, Resistance Lv3, and see if you need to recast Attack Up or Shield (They should be wearing off now, or soon). Now, hang out on the lower left (You should probly still BE in the lower left) for the reinforcements to come.

Next, the reinforcements come…

Top Left: 1 Archer, 1 Mage
Bottom Left: 1 Fighter, 1 Archer, 1 Mage
Bottom Right: 1 Archer, 1 Batallion Commander

This is where it gets fun. First things first, rush the bottom left troop. Use System Shock to kill the Fighter quickly, (You can use 3, right? If you can only use 2, save the last one) then kill the Archer and Mage as quick as you can. Those archers are going to FUCK you up, but they’ll run out of MP eventually. If you get rushed by another troop before you hit the Mage, just go ahead and engage them instead of the Mage, cos before too long, the Mages will have to rush you anyways :stuck_out_tongue: No matter what you choose, when you’re done with whatever side you were fighting, head back to the center and wait for the rest of the people to rush you (Just keep casting Cure). Be sure to use System Shock to kill the Batallion Commander quickly. The Mages will eventually run out of MP and rush you, so wait for them. The Archers will probly not rush you, so if everyone else is dead, just go kill the Archers. Anyways, once you’re done with that, it’s Mission Complete! Whew. :stuck_out_tongue: