Growlanser Generations delayed...but good news

In case anyone hasn’t been aware of what Working Designs has been up to lately, they’ve been working on a localization of Growlanser 2 and 3 to be put in one package, called Growlanser Generations. Well, after lots of delays, it got, yet another delay. But, according to RPGamer, Victor Ireland, the president of WD, said that review copies are being sent out right about now, preorders will begin to be taken on Monday - Tuesday, and…the game will be out within 30-45 days. YES. Finally, something solid on its release date! Holy crap, this rocks. I’ve been anticipating this game more than anything this year, so for me or anyone else who has, this is GREAT news. :smiley:

And, if you don’t know much about Growlanser Generations, check out this page for some basic info on the gameplay, storyline, music teasers, and probly some other stuff. :smiley:

I was considering buying this collection just because Working Designs localized it, but it looks like a nice series nontheless. Thanks for the heads up!

I’ve had my copy reserved since the beginning of September, but I guess this way I can put off paying for it for a few more weeks. It’s probably for the best, I’ve bought so many game recently I actually have a backlog.

I need to play this game,I just love TRPG’s.

Must buy PS2…Must Buy Growlanser Generations…Must Work more shifts.


There’s a Growlanser board at
which is also the only English Language Langrisser fanpage.

Just Breed is better.

It’s not the only one, Big_Dizzy, but it’s definitely the best one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I…I’m still only on Arc the Lad II…

It’s delayed, Damn.