Groove on your rock key-tar!



Wow that was pretty cool. Sounds like she was rocking out on the harmonic minor scale.

WOO-HAH!! My two favorite things in the World -Music and Babes- together in one video!! YEAH! ROCK ON!! \m/ :ark:

(Foolisness aside, that was an impressive performance. Thanks, Eden. Who is she?)

ridiculous. that keytar was on a stand.

i didnt watch the whole thing. had she blown her load by the end?

That was pathetic. Not only was she not even holding the damned thing but it’s not hard to ‘solo’ when you’re only using one hand or you’re using two hands that don’t have to be synchronised. When she learns to solo on an electric guitar i"ll be impressed, key-tar solos suck.

Meh. Lousy music. Lousy performance.

are you kidding? you’re saying its easy to “solo” on a keyboard (piano) with one hand? do you also realize that when you’re soloing on an electric guitar, you’re barely “holding” it, with the neckstrap doing most of the work? or even if you’re sitting with it on your lap?

The neck strap’s not doing a lot of work if you’ve got the guitar behind your neck, sitting upright on your knee, etc. But I’ll agree, pianists that solo are hella crazy, especially those jazz cats.

Uh if you were actually listening to the music, you would find that she was sticking within the realms of music theory, that is, she was using scales. I’d like to see you learn scales and solo like that. It doesn’t matter if she was using two hands or one. And the only difference with a guitar is that you have to pick the strings. While that may be a little difficult, it certainly is no feat. Obviously you’re just opposed to the general sound of the key-tar.

Considering I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 7 I’m pretty sure I was aware of all these things as well as the fact that she was playing within the scales. And in case you’re either A) stupid or B) didn’t realize I was referring to the fact that to solo with a guitar not only do you have to be moving your fretting hand at high speeds but also your picking one at higher speeds. So next time you schmoes get all snarky at me think before you’re stupid.

Whatever, I didn’t know you played. That’s cool.

Despite whether or not the chick was hot (she may or may not have been, the video was a little too grainy to be able to tell), she was still playing the key-tar. And, as the early 80’s proved to us, the key-tar is the lamest instrument in the world.