grom Hellscream vs cloud

Grom can use all abilities, Cloud can use all limits but no materia eg:knights of the round.

discuss :cool:

You suck.

End of discussion.

Hey if you don’t like the thread can you like, not post in it instead of flaming?
I don’t think this thread broke any rules, aside from being somewhat lame P:

Actually, I think you did. Misposting. I suggest taking this to the Posting Forum.

By the way, this thread still sucks donkey balls.

Lets compare my penis to a cold cup of beer. Thats a better comparison.

The beer, since I don’t have to cuddle with it when i’m done

Sorc, you’re warned for trolling

1st, its mighty impressive how you can have 1 post with having posted twice…

Second… Grom Hellscream is powerful orc hero from a worldset that is not only more vast and more rich with history than Final Fantasy VII’s world, but also… Hes a fucking orc, that is (by many standards) a “good guy”. We could finish the argument by acknowledging that the world of Azeroth just kicks the shit out of FF7’s world but that wouldnt be fair to people who love ff… SO, Cloud vs Grom… Hmm, well, Cloud has “Im a mamsy pamsy ‘hot’ hero from a videogame where the hot ‘cool’ characters are supposed to win.” and Grom is a hulking mass of war forged awesomeness in a land where goodguys die on a regular basis (poor Uther, he was a good man).

Victory to Grom, he gets my vote because he doesnt have stupid anime hair.

I agree plus if cloud try’d omnislash grom could take a hit or two, windwalk then axe>cloud’s back=dead cloud :hahaha;

Apart from the fact that Omnislash hits 15 times not two :stuck_out_tongue:

i was implying that he could get away :smiley: