Grog XD, the drink that's the new rage in Argentina!

Just so you guys don’t think we don’t have retarded journalists too, an idiot from C5N here actually went on camera talking about Monkey Island’s Grog as if it were real. No, it wasn’t a joke.

The smilie is just hilarious.

The first video is the thing itself, the second one is another program here making fun of the first.

Maybe I should clarify, there’s a drug here known as “Paco” that’s essentially done with the crap that’s left over when making other drugs, making it extremely cheap (and lethal). Since it’s been a hot topic for a while here, someone without a grain of common sense who looked at the Grog recipe may actually believe it’s yet another crazy things them darn young’uns are doing these days. The guys in C5N are kinda like the Jack Thompson of Alcohol here. Of course, he got the recipe from fucking FACEBOOK and didn’t even bother to check it.

But grog IS real.

EDIT: Oh, wait. They’re using the MI1 list of ingredients. I get it. Well, the media is stupid no matter where you are. Get used to it.

Someone make it and try it. Come on, it’d be hilarious.

My friend has made grog before… it’s not bad.

Tinte rojo No2? And what’s SCUMM? Heh, good times for all.

Grog is featured in alot of shows/movies.

Acetone? Oh god I’m cumene!

I have only one thing to say to that…