Gremilin movie and sheet music

Guys this will be one of the last threads for a while, I know how bad I can get,
anyway what does anyone think of the series of Gremlin movies? Should there be a third?

Also looking for their theme for the organ in sheet music, anyone know where I can download it?

If there were 3 fucking Robocops, I can see why 3 of anything, especially something as good as Gremlins, should happen, so yeah, I’d say a third one would be cool.

And I might have the sheet music for piano, which should carry over fairly well into organ. I’m not sure if it would translate exactly, but you could probably figure it out. I’ll scan it and PM it to you if I do have it.

Thanks so much! I’d love it! Awaits the pm.

I think what would be interesting to do is have Tim Burton direct this one, and perhaps have something like a human/gremlin hybrid since that one dude kinda gave up and fell for the girl gremlin at the end of the second movie.

It would be intersting if the hybrids followed all the rules, I would most definately want them to follow some.

Also thinks there should be normal gremlins too, so you can see all three rules in motion. Smiles: Gremlins 3:Hybrids, that would be kinda cool.

two words: Vegetable Gremlin

I think we’ve exhausted all possible species of Gremlins.

No way, now that there’s the internet we could have internet gremlins.

And the vegetable gremlin was dead sexy.

Damn, that scene gave me a few nightmares about zits popping up very, very fast after eating a single mint chocolate.

Still, one bloody good movie, even if the whole concept of #2 might seem a bit naive right now :slight_smile: People do “live” in these huge, technologically “advanced” complexes these days, now don’t they?

Yes they do although i think the spider gremlin was the scariest of all, and the girl gremlin was the hottest, much hotter than the cross dressing “girl” gremlin in the first movie.