I’m guessing this is where intros go…either that, or my sense of direction is appauling…

My name here is Porcelain, but some call me PD from my name “Porcelain Dreams” at several Fanfiction sites. Here’s a bit of info on me:

#1: I’m Australian
#2: I’m 16, turning 17.
#3: I’m a hardcore Fanfiction author, although College is weighing me down…
#4: I love this similie ----> :dancer:

Well…that’s it. Hi, and…see you around


“What happen?”
“Somebody set up us the bomb.”
“We get signal.”
“Main screen turn on.”
“It’s you!!”
“How are you gentlemen.”
“All your base are belong to us.”
“You are on the way to destruction.”
“What you say!”
“You have no choice to survive make your time.”
“Ha ha ha ha.”

So in short, hi.

Now, when you say you’re a “hardcore” fanfiction writer…


RPGC smilies rock!

Salutations and welcome. Enjoy your stay and don’t mind the (alleged) crazies.

much love,

Welcome, PD. Yes, this is were intros usually go. Thought if you want to, say, be mainly active in one of the sub-boards (like the Media Board, where the Fanfiction goes) you can introduce yourself there too.

Oh, and don’t mind all the silly greetings. It’s kind of a tradition here. ^ ^

College weights us all down. But it’s more important, so focus on it first, then on writing (though writing CAN help alleviate the pressure!)

And yeah, we have the coolest smilies. :cool:

Hope you enjoy the place! :wave:

“Eeeeyugh… it’s… porcelain.” - Guybrush Threepwood

EDIT: That’s not a simile! It’s a metaphor! :-o

Welcome and good morrow, Porcelain Dreams. Your abiding here be long and fair.

Welcome to <strike>your doom</strike> the forums! :wave:

Hello~ :dancer:

Eyetwich. I am the Angel of Death. Cocks shotgun. The time of judegment is upon us.


AND BYE! Shotgun.

“Move Zig.”
“You know what you doing.”
“Take off every Zig.”
“For Great Justice!!!”

But anyways, hello and enjoy your stay. May your mind be forever [strike]chemically altered[/strike] opened to new horizons by the content here.

I agree that people who say that they are hardcore, usually aren’t… but if you’re trying to challenge her or something, well, your fanfics aren’t exactly superappealing either >_>;;

Val was insinuating that there is extreme amounts of rape and violence in PD’s fanfics. Silly Hades.

Oh, well in that case: Link :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hello and welcome comrade. Red Army parade to honor you.

Normally when someone new joins I post a welcome picture of my beloved cammy. But I’d like to attempt somthing different today. I made a gif of chun-li from 3rd strike and thought this may be an appropriate chance to try her out…