Well, Charlie, I am glad(-ish) that you made it back… pretty soon my sig was gonna start asking if you’d return ever, and I really didn’t want to give you that much credit. To think, I cared enough to use sig space soon.

But seriously, I don’t know why I didn’t try to contact you any other way, maybe I was afeared of a face-bite or a “who the fuck are you again?”

But if it does make you feel any better, I am too lazy to be at class right now, or at all today… or much last week, or to clean my room or do laundry… I’ll shut up now. The point is that I AM too lazy to message you.

allright well it looks like they’re going to find any reason to ban me again, no matter how ridiculous it is. so I’m just going to tell you that I love you all. and i’m leaving again, i’m on msn and aim, so if you want to talk i’ll be there.

Charlemagne EPL on aim on msn

I miss you all

I love you baby.

sup nigga.

I am sorry mein fuhrer.

Welcome back. Parade to honor you.


That HAS to be Charle, nobody else is that annoying. :slight_smile:

Nice to know you’re OK, Charl. Sorry, I don’t Email people, that’s why I come to a Message Board. But know I wish you well and hope to see you again.

Sprite Parade in your honor.

:biggrin: ::doh:: :victoly: :wave: :runaway: :dancer:

I think we should overthrow the admins and replace them with Charle. Just Charle. Who’s with me?

CHARL :smiley:
I MSN you occasionally :frowning:
I still want that show on tape >>;

Hello and…goodbye!

Charlemagne! =D


WB. :wave:

Super Saiyan Ahnold says “Velcome.”

Is he rebanned or something?

Kiro: Yo.

Cookie: I’m new…see my thread…COOOOOOKIES!..I’m done now.

All hail the return of Charlemagne.