Greetings RPGC

I suppose its safe to post the obligatory greetings here as I’ve seen other members have done so before.

Hi, my name is Catcher and I have joined this forum due to my thirst for a more active RP forum. I certainly hope to find something that I can latch on to as I am running short on ideas to occupy my mind while I’m not working incessantly.

I am interested in : Writing, Reading, Tracing my Fiance’s comics, cars, and predominantly utilizing others as shields against whatever life throws my way.

Perhaps is there anything I should know?

We’re all… well, not really crazy, despite what some here would like you to think, but we definitely are unforgettable. Also, don’t expect to leave here, once you get too involved with us. We have an amazing ability to keep people coming back for more.

All that said, welcome.

Welcome :ma<b></b>ho:

Welcome to yet another new-comer.



…in the Rye?

Anyways, welcome.

Apparently they travel in packs, heh.

Welcome ^.^

Hi and welcome! Enjoy your stay etc. etc… and all that. :slight_smile:

Welcome Comrade!

Watashi no ko o unde kadasai? Ongaishimasu?

We are the board. Lower your Norton shields and surrender your IP address. We will add your nonsensicalness and randomness to our own. Resistence is futile.

The RP forum is a place of scum, I think that sums it up.



hey man lol

You have good spelling and grammar, you’ll fit right in.

Welcome. Would you like the last shred of your sanity preserved in Mylar?

whacks Val with a rubber mallet

Of course we’re nuts! Welcome newbie! Admission to the our asylum is simple. Give me your sanity. Now.

Thank you for the warm welcome. Would you mind if I resisted a little and looked around for a while…I’m not sure if I’m ready to part with my sanity yet.

Only kidding, you guys seem like fun.

You will find that due to a lack of restricting topic rules, you will be albe to experience our flavor. As if we were really there in real life. Actually, we will probably replace your friends. That is if you have any.


<i>hey whats up</i>