Greetings, New here

So I have a little talk with somebody and I hear about this form, and so many intresting things about it. So I am like hmm, I should give it a look and this is where I am now, doing the same old thing people do when they are new. Giving their big old “GREETINGS! LOOK AT ME!” mah, like I like doing that, hell no. Yet, seems like I am contridicting myself right here ;-). But, yeah thought would give a greetings and hello’s, after reading some intresting threads.
Well I will end it now unless somebody out there would like to know something about me!

And I’m doing the same old things people do when people do an introduction thread.



Seriously though, enjoy your stay :stuck_out_tongue:


But of course I am going to enjoy my stay here, why wouldn’t I? I mean common, why would I just go… “HI!” then “BYE!” for only being here for ohhh… 15 min?

Hello, and welcome to the forums. I can assure you that you are now automatically in the group of cool people since you used proper punctuation and capitalization. For that, you get 7 coolness points.

Have a great time.

Your avatar reminds me of someone that posts in this forum whistles innocently

Hiya. Stor kram.

What? I remind you of somebody! I’am offically scared, this is like my first time here, and “I want my mommy!” No I am kidding

With those coolness points. ROCK ON! I never got props before, I feel badass?

Sin’s long lost twin.

Shin’s feelin’ my vibe.

I have a long lost twin now? Somebody please relief me of my mass-confusion I am getting.
Right now my brain is trying to do Some college work, talking to friends, and contimplate what happend last night… And erm, long story about last night, so dont even ask!

Welcome to RPGC. 8)

So there’s a female version of Sinistral out there somewhere, in terms of hotness. …D00d, i can’t even comprehend that.

Anyways, welcome to RPGC, hope you enjoy your stay.

Hello and welcome to this wonderful forum.

I am hot now? Wow, ok then.
runs up to sin and clings posing
They like me, they really like me!
poses more?

Pretend I never did that! Especailly since that was so random of me!

(sorry totally forgot about that damn edit button at the bottom left hand corner!)

Hello looks at new person’s name Liadan. Nice of you to join us. Don’t touch the the yellow walls and stay out of the basement.

hands Lia a bar of soap carved into a chocobo

You don’t look that much like Sin…

Hi. Enjoy your stay.

Heh, anyone remember that picture Zero found? That was fucking unsettling.

Hello and welcome~

Once again, mass-confusion on my part, and thank you everybody for welcoming me :slight_smile: (God I feel like I am posting to much here!)