Greetings from Iraq!

Yeah, been a while, and I only have about…2 minutes, so hi! Things are good, and i’ll be back…uh…when I get more time, lol! See ya later!

VARAN! Good to see you! I hope you’re doing okay over there, and I hope you get to read our responses soon! =D

Fuck me

<img src=“”> Hey Varan the Black Ninja, how goes it in Iraq. I hope you are careful and come back home safety. By the way, the rank you have currently isn’t very helpful. :smiley:

Why isn’t it hepful?

Carefree Bomb
Fuck, man that’s freeky.
Good luck.

No because then I’d have to give you money.
What in the hell was that all about???

Good to hear from you again Varan. Be careful over there.

I’m with the dude with the eyebrows here. Take care and come back to us safely, man.

Your location is a lie, Varan! A LIE! >:E

Don’t get sunburnt or bombscarred!

If you get a big sore or boil somewhere on your body, you have a cutaneous leischmaniasis and require medical treatment otherwise it’ll leave a scar forever. And hope it doesn’t spread. The parasite is spread by sandflies. So watch out.

Yes, I know I probably sound like a nagging mother, (isn’t that a humbling thought) but be careful. Just do what you gotta do and come back to us safely.

Holz fuggin shiat. :open_mouth: It’s V, and apparently he’s still alive. Nifty. Take care and crap, good to know you’re alive and kickin. And probably pwning, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Varan, how’s it goin man? Hope you’re doing well. You better keep in touch more often!

Ooohhhh V, where are you currently at? If, of course, you see this, and if, of course, you can say.

Good luck, man.

Alrighty…got a little more time on my hands. Yeah, it’s definitely nice to get online again, first time in quite a while. I’m over by a place called Moqdidiah, which is close to a more commonly heard name of Baquba. How are things going on here?

Bah never heard of it. I’m just south of Mosul in Q-West/FOB Endurance. This place sucks compared to Anaconda.


Um I take it where you’re at is just like a FOB that isnt built up much or what?

Be good, and be careful!