Green Tea

I just started drinking this stuff, and I love it.
It tastes great.
Just wondering, what makes it so good for you (what does it do that’s so good? :P)

It’s loaded with antioxidants.

Tastes good either with or without anything…but orange blossom honey goes great with it. ^^

Originally posted by Steve
Just wondering, what makes it so good for you

I don’t think we know each other well enough.

It’s tea. Tea and coffee tastes like muddy water.

Can you tell that I don’t like tea and coffee?

Add something to it to make it better, like Trillian said.

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I agree with Nulani and Steve, I can’t drink it without flavour, it does taste a little too much like muddy water.

I like it without anything else :stuck_out_tongue:

w00t!I could like mint tea alone, its great, it grows nearby so I pick it myself.

I can’t say that I like tea too much, I tried it once, but I had to put a crap load of sugar and honey in it to make it drinkable. I donno, I rather would have a glass of water.

Originally posted by Steve
Just wondering, what makes it so good for you?

Soylent green.

Shoulda saw that one coming.

Green Tea: Tastes great, might kill

Ness you are sadly, not Mr Saturn.

WTF? Ness isn’t Mr. Saturn? Am I missing something? I know they’re both from EB…

And I don’t drink green tea. Or tea, for that matter.


I just can’t bring myself to drink coffee or tea. Too bitter, for my likings. No matter how much cream or sugar I might put in it, it still tastes like crap to me.

I LOVE green tea. Hot, I prefer the green tea with mint, cold I get either the Arizona green tea with honey and ginseng, or the SOBE green tea, its really good!!!

Ive been drinking it for years now. Hot, with mint, its really good for a stomach ache or a sore throat.

Oh yeah I forgot about ice tea. I love Lipton ice tea, espically the southern style, with the extra sugar.

I drink both tea and coffee, just not regularly. They taste alright by themselves, but I often end up putting extra sugar into 'em.