Great Terrible Movies

There are movies that are so bad… they are good. Movies that you watch and laugh at, not with. Here is my absolute favorite. I want to hear yours.

John Carpenter’s They Live - Classic! Rowdy Roddy Piper is the man. “Put the glasses on!” Plus, this movie has one of the best fight scenes ever filmed. In case you didn’t know, that fight scene was paradied in South Park in the Cripple Fight.

Another John Carpenter movie… Ghosts of Mars.

Disturbing Behaviour

The original Dawn of the Dead.

Anyone see Six String Samurai?

That was pretty horrible/hilarious.

Star Wars IV

House of the Dead

“This book looks old, maybe it could help us.”

Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter and The Killer Condom immediately come to mind. Perhaps the best bad movie of all time (or at least, one of the ones with the largest fan following) would be one of my personal favorites, the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The first Evil Dead was pretty campy.

I would say the Howling. when you first see the guy transform it takes like ten minutes and the girl actauly has enough time to go find a jar full of acid and dump it on him before he can even do any thing. I couldn’t help but giggle at the expresion on her face during that scene.

:moogle: Super Mario World. Although the laughter is usauly followed by tears of pain.

Soylent Green.

RHPS is not terrible. It’s a musical dammit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Freddy VS Ghostbusters. The movie link is on the left, and make sure you also get the two alternate endings on the right.

I got a gig in Vegas

That movie ruled since The Red Elvises were in it, and Buddy Holly fought death with a katana.

Well, it was still bad for a musical, most of the movie is Tim Curry chasing someone around in a circle.

I’m a HUGE RHPS fan (I go to see it in the theatre every few weeks), but that doesn’t make it any less of a bad movie. :smiley:

wtf??? the movie was great back in the day…just cuz now the characters fight slower than chilled molasses and are about as awesome doesn’t mean anything…

Oh fine. It’s still a blast to watch.

Either Starship Troopers or G.I. Joe the movie. :smiley:

Oh yeah, of course! (RHPS)

Underworld. You know you always wondered what a human/vampire/werewolf hybrid would look like, and it was awesome.