Great Movies Nobody Has Heard About

If you have a great movie that either nobody has heard about, or had a very poor reception in the theater/by critics. I love the movie Buffalo Soldiers, which is based off of a book which happens to be by a professor in our creative writing department (I have yet to read the book; it’s in second person… very strange- I will eventually).

I personally thought that this was a hilarious film, almost on the verge of being brilliant (although not that good). It was supposed to air in mid September in 2001, but September 11th happened and people really didn’t want to see an anti-war film at the time. So they pushed it back about a year, and it did terribly. It’s a shame, because it’s an awesome film. Watch for the tank scene, which is quite possibly my favorite.

Bubba Ho-Tep is a movie about an Elivs impersanator who believes himself to be the real Elvis Presley. After a concert mishap where he fell off stage and broke his hip, Sebastian Hoffe is confined to a retirement center haunted by an ancient egyptian god bent on reincarnating himself via sucking people’s souls out of their assholes. Joined by a black man who believes himself to be John F. Kennedey (who survived the assassination attempt and his skin was dyed black by the government to hide the conspiracy), the two combat evil with walkers and electric wheel chairs. Starring Bruce Campbell of “Evil Dead” and “Army of Darkness” as the Elvis Impersanator Sebastain Hoffe.

Rounders is a movie starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton. Supporting cast includes John Malkovich and John Turrturo. Matt Damon is a brilliant card player who loses at a high stakes No Limit Texas Hold Em game until his best friend Worm (Norton) is released from prison and talks him into playing cards again.

I’ve got more, but I’m done for now.

he wasent an impersonator, he was the real Elvis

I dont know how I managed to double post…

I think Young Frankenstein is a good movie which is about Dr.Frankensteins grandson who inherits everything,the house,Igor’s grandson,the lab,the money,etc. and he goes to Transylvania to look at the house,but he ends up finding the lab and creates a new monster,plus there is a lot of comedy mixed in,also Monty Python and the Holy Grail is good.It’s about these people who set off on a quest to find the Holy Grail so they can become kings of the land,and on the way they meet many challenges and funny people,but my favorites are the killer albino bunny and the sing-a-longs :stuck_out_tongue:

The topic is about movies that nobody has heard of, and off the top of my head I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t heard of Young Frankenstein and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

And yes, he was the real Elvis. But I figured I’d leave that one out for people who decide to watch the movie. Way to go jackass!

So. Did you have me beat?

I don’t know, John. I forgot.

He says “I’m sorry John; I don’t remember.”

Get it right!

Whatever. Haven’t seen that movie in about three years.

I love that movie, I watch it just about every day.

I don’t know about most of the people on the forums, but I’m sure I’ve seen a few movies that most of the kids younger than me will never see. The Blob and Attack of The Killer Tomatoes. Sorry I can’t give any big explaination on it’s “story” but I watched it before I was 5.

I am a big movie buff. I love independant theaters that show the non-mainstream movies. You can see some really bizarre, but really emotionally charged and great movies. Many of them deal with tough subjects which is part of what keeps them from going mainstream.

Mysterious SKin - about a boy who prostitutes himself to other men and his best friend who tries to save him. Very, very powerful movie. Difficult subject and sometimes hard to watch, but it will stick with you.

Woman in Black A horror made-for-tv movie that scared the shingles off me as a kid. I have watched it again recently and still love it. It does not follow conventional horror with the predictable “I know something is going to happen here” moments. Great acting too.

Talk to Her - Pedro Almodovar is a brilliant director and I would encourage people to check out at least a couple of his movies. I had not heard of him at all until they did a special on him at a theater and I saw a couple of his movies. This one is about 2 guys who both love females that are in comas and end up becoming really close friends as a result.

Speak - Another made-for-tv movie that actually got it right. This one is about a girl struggling with life after being raped. Not the most creative of plots, but done really well.

All About My Mother - This one is about a mother who’s son dies in an auto accident and she journies to her home town to try to find the father who is a transvestite. Quirky and bizarre movie but very interesting and beautiful.

Rushmore - Not exactly “rare”, but a lot of people have not seen it or any other Wes Anderson movie. For those people, you are really missing out. Along with this is the movie by Noel Baumbach, The Squid and the Whale. Noel helped co-write The Life Aquatic with Wes Anderson which is still my all-time favorite movie.

Tsotsi - A movie about a gangster kid in South Africa and his coming to terms with himself. Again, a powerful and moving movie but difficult to watch.

I could post a lot more if this thread stays alive for a while.

City of God

The story of two kids growing up during the 1960’s - 1980’s in the City of God, Rio de Janeiro’s government subsidized housing development and most violent slum. One becomes a famous photographer and the other becomes a drug lord.

It’s been a while since I saw it, but I think it sets you up in the beginning as a human condition kind of movie. The narrator, Rocket, tells several stories about the inhabitants of the City that sometimes intersect. Gradually it sucks you into the stories of the people who live in this slum, leaving you with a sens that you’ve lived through it with them.

Edit: I second Rounders.

How about The Seven Faces of Doctor Lao? (from whence comics my current signature, natch! :wink: ) The title is somewhat known, but how many people have actually seen it? I saw it on TV as a kid, and I was amazed by how it could so fun, scary, and meaningful all at the same time. Not to mention a great performance by actor Tony Randall as (most) of the seven characters (I guess the snake and the dragon don’t count, they were SFX). I gotta watch it again someday.

Info here:

I am not sure if you can tag this war flick as a “movie that nobody has heard about”, but I would be surprised, even shocked, if there is more than two or three members/visitors of this forum who have seen 9 Rota (the 9-th Company) – a nominee for the Best Foreign Film in the 2006 Academy Awards. The film could be described as the Russian version of Jarhead – less humor and more tears.
film’s review


music video with the scenes from the movie.

I am listening and watching that video again… and now I am crying, again.


To go on with Russian suggestions, Vozvrashcheniye (The Return). Try checking it out (supposing you can find it).

I’ve actually seen The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao. It had some wonderfully campy stop-motion animation and some cute conversations.

Mary Reily was kinda cool. I just saw that.

My Neighbors the Yamadas- a Studio Ghibli film that was released with Porco Rosso and The Cat Returns. A brilliant family slice of life comedy that’s a cross between the Simpsons and Azumanga Daioh.

I nominate a South African film called “Breaker Morant”.

Its about three Australian soldiers during the Boer War(it was between Britain and South Africans), who were ordered to commit atrocities against the Afrikaners, but then put on trial once people found out about those atrocities, so that the British government didn’t have to own up to said atrocities.

Sound familiar? Its based on a real story - and this was in 1900! Things really haven’t changed, have they?

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