Great Fun


IRL I used to spend a lot of time doing this. It’s so relaxing…

Sounds like someone just farted.

It’s just not the same when it’s not real.


Go get some REAL bubble wrap. It’s still cool. plays with some bubble wrap

I agree with Nul.

That “Must have more” when you click fresh sheet sounds so wrong.

Hehe! Now I’ve seen everything… :stuck_out_tongue:

bah, what’s the point if you can’t scare cats with loud pops?

To those who doubt the usefulness of the internet, behold an entire site based on bubble wrap!

Real bubble wrap’s better. I can step on it and make everyone in the house jump.

Bubble wrap! YAY!

my mom scolded me for doing that when I was little -_-

It’s just not the same…

Push each bubble with your finger as you click it, then it’s just as good as the real thing. =P

I actually gave my first dog a heart attack from playing with Bubble Wrap.