Gravity's just a theory!!! Right?

Behold, either the most hardcore, or stupid man that god ever blew breath into.


It isn’t that dangerous if the truck is balanced properly.

Yes, but how do you make sure it is? He’d better take the car to one of those places where they have those car elevators so he could wrok from a better, safer position.

I think this should have an entry in Darwin Awards. This one is worthy a Honorable Mention there.

What i really want to know is how the hell he got it like that in the first place. Can’t easily lift a car with the stuff pictuerd.

I vote “both.”

Just watch him back up and hit the stick that’s holding it up.

Getting it down is another problem entirely.

All you really need is a rope and a good tug to get it down.

…I have no idea WHAT to think. o_O;

You need REALLY solid rope and enough people to hold the car and to lower it gently and probably some safe guards to protect their hands if they use their hands and not an outside mechanism.

I was thinking more of a rope around the planks then pulling the planks out. Never said it was a good way to lower it.

the crash and crunch would be counterproductive to the repairs he risked his life doing.

Maybe it’s just one of those Hollywood props that look real, but are really made out of paper mache.

Or he’s an idiot.

So hard to resist.
I want to kick them away!


Silly man.