Gravity gets sued.

The guys who make RO are getting sued for Stock Defraudment.

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I didn’t even know they went IPO, much less had time to lie about their company to inflate prices. I doubt this will have much impact on the game, and even if it does, who plays iRO? Everyone plays private server.

i believe you mean stock fraud. defraudment, if even a word, would mean the opposite of what you’re trying to say. this post had no other purpose.

Two points:

  1. Gravity’s stock symbol is GRVY on the nasdaq. That looks like Gravy to me. Mmm… Gravy.

  2. I was really hoping that this thread was about someone falling down and actually trying to sue gravity, as in the force of nature. Now I’m disappointed.

Zep r teh luz?

'cept you broke the link deadtear!

I r teh winz!