Grave of the Fireflies

I’m a big fan of the works of Mr. Miyazakis work, and I’de have to say this is the best film I’ve seen come from his mind. It’s probably also the most emotional anime I have ever seen. It’s hard to find a war film out of the casualties point of view, and seeing how war affects them. It also makes me kind of angry that all the innocent people have to suffer like that.

But yes, the characters you fall in love with, and the art of the anime is amazing how they based the early 90s of Japan.

What are others views and opinions on this anime?

It always makes the anime club want to go jump off a bridge afterwards. It’s a great piece of work, just not a happy one. It’s the type of movie that more people should see.

It’s so sad…

I thought it was sad too… Especially because me and my sibling are so close I was sympathetic. sniff

I cried at the end ;.;

It was such an awsome movie. Definatly worth watching, no matter the cost/time.


I’ve seen it once, last school year in my Japanese class. Everybody cried, even the toughest guy in class, I was bawling my eyes out. It’s so sad.

It’s an incredible film, and the only anime film which I greatly like, but it is not by Miyazaki. The director of that film is Isao Takahata, a close associate of Miyazaki.

<img src=“”> Definately one of my favourite movies. The only problem is that my sister started acting like a bitch and thus ruined the ending for me ><