Graphics 4 my site!?

Can i use some of the monster rips on my rm2k site, it dont have anything illegal and i include a disclamer in the downloads folder, If so i will put a link to this site on my site, but if possible i would rather affliate.

Well, they’re not ours in the first place; they belong to Sony, Nintendo, Squaresoft, whatever. If you ask the maintainer, who worked hard to get those graphics into the shrine in the first place, and do link to the shrine, however, it would be appreciated.

Ask the maintainer first. :3

Who is the maintainer?

Check the shrine.

Ah i know what you mean now, but theres a ton of em, so can i just add you guys to my affliates box and call it even? I supose you dont have to add me to yours but, where can i get your affliation banner?

I would say no to any Pokémon Gold or Silver or Possibly some Poké Stadium 2 shots. That’s if I had them Uploaded on to Tarturus.

Just remeber Some sprites are made up for the Mailbag and some of out subsites such Macc’s HQ and Rirse Twisted RPG Theater. AND NO you can’t have the Pink Ranger. (you can make your own)

I wish you would stop saying things.

And no, that wouldn’t call it even. The contents of the shrines are under the control of the creators/maintainers, not by the site in general.

You need to contact the maintainers of the shrines and ask for permission to use anything from them.