Grahhhhblblblblbbllblblbllblblblblb !!!! ><

Sorry for the odd title, I’m just really cranky right now…

Over here, we’re going through a heatwave of annoying proportions…

No use showering, no use drinking, no use going out…

Oh yeah, to make things worse, we don’t have airconditioning in here ;.;

There’s more, currently there seems to be water quality problems, as the tap water is BROWN ?! O.o

I really hope Quebecers and other canadians living on the east coast aren’t experiencing this friggin’ heat wave, it’s driving me nuts ;.;

Here I am trying to stay sane, but with no refuge from the heat and humidity… grah ! ><

Hopfully this’ll pass by the end of the week… to think it’s only tuesday :thud:

So if I hop in the chat or AIM and I start being pîssed, now you’ll know why… ;.;

Quebec isn’t faring much better, or was anyway, the temperature dropped just yesterday with a much needed dose of rain, it should reach the eastern provinces soon I hope.

The heatwave is here in Newfoundland as well. There’s no humidity, but the temperature hit over 30 yesterday, and should again today.

Heat wave. You mean that place known as outside. You say it’s hot out there. Hmm. Maybe I should leave my house and see. Hmm In Ontario not all that hot. Maybe it’s how close I am to Lake Huron. only about an hour away. And we did have rain yesterday.

<img src=“”> I’m so hot; it must be rubbing off on the earth.

You think you’ve got it bad in the 'chi? I live in Moncton. This is worse than the summer was. Plus, I was bald then, so it was cooler.

Thats pretty tough, try to get the best out of it, if possible. Maybe go to the swimming baths if they’re open.

Just hold on to the table and try not to melt. If the water is bad, try eating fruit if there is any. That’s really not a good situation with bad water during a heatwave O_o

I think I liked it best during the heatwave we had in August… when I got into my friend’s car and actually burnt my fingers on the seatbelt buckle, it was that hot :thud: this was after spending one and a half hours in a hot, cramped TV studio as well :thud: :thud:

As Weiila says, try to keep hydrated, bottled water is a good option if they aren’t selling it off at several hundred dollars a go :thud:

Guh, I think we just got hit by it. It’s very muggy, at the very least.

Now you know how we felt over here in Europe. I echo the others, keep hydrated.

I thought it was just the east coast. Yesterday and today were terrible, much hotter than what we had most of the time in the summer…though we have a bit of a breeze now since I’m on the coast…yeah I pity you inlanders…

Originally posted by Tenchimaru Draconis
<img src=“”> I’m so hot; it must be rubbing off on the earth.

Only you TD have enough hotness to do that…

Man i hate heat waves and look were i live.this is the time of the year i hate most not only because school started a month ago but that the tempetures almost always rise above 90 degrees right when im about to go home and it will keep up like this till november.

Heatwaves are the spawn of Satan. Next time Europe gets struck by one, I’m moving to Antartica.

Originally posted by Alyx
Only you TD have enough hotness to do that…

<img src=“”> BEHOLD! MY MANLY BODY! flexes muscles

Im on the east coast and for the past week all its done is rained…

Bleh, i can’t stand the heat. Can’t wait for December when cooler weather finally rolls around.

Run away to the west… where it’s snowing. I’d sooner take the heat.

Originally posted by Tenchimaru Draconis
<img src=“”> BEHOLD! MY MANLY BODY! flexes muscles