GRAH! redux

Y’know, right now I think I may have to cut myself off from the world completely if I want anything down and not fall into a bout of hopeless mental goo. When I open my morning paper I’m sortof prepared for bad news - or so I tell myself. But then I face off with a new disaster prognosis. They seem to come in boughs, with ribbons, these days. This morning it was British scientists foreseeing climate changes wrecking more havoc than another world war, terminating two fifths of the animal population and sending millions if not more on the refuge.

If nothing is done fucking NOW.

On one hand, it scares me into a sense of “what’s the use of anything?”, making me question why I even bother with my studying or worrying about finding a job.

On the other hand, part of me is sort of hopeful by all these doomsday reports, hoping that they will work to scare more people into awareness. This hope can at least be fueled by some signs of rising concern for enviromental questions.

And why am I bother you and not my blog with this? Well, I feel like here, I can expect to have my fears joked away for a second or something. Besides, most of my blogpals are pretty down too right now, so I’ll spread the scare to you instead. Yeah, I do love you, why’d’ya’ll ask? :kissy:

And see, the beauty of it all is that the americans and the chinese aren’t going to change their practice. BOTH of them need to work on the problem because it doesn’t matter if the rest of the world acts on it if they still carry on with business as usual.

Exactly why I feel it’s so friggin’ hopeless, my dear Sin. -_-

But, at least, some of 'em have the right idea.

The correct response is to engineer a scheme of world domination on your part.

You already have the whip. Go for it.

Weiila, for the past few days you’ve been posting about bad news like this. I fear that they really are starting to wear on you. If like you say, you have other things to concentrate on, then why do you keep reading this stuff? Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t keep up to date on such matters, but really, are these things you can do anything about? I’d understand if they were local problems that maybe you can help with, but otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. C’mon, Weii, you always were a source of advice and goodwill for the rest of us, and I’d hate to see these things turn you into a cynic (let Sin handle that stuff.) Here, have a Kitty. :slight_smile:

Aww, that’s sweet Wil. :slight_smile:

It’s true, it does wear on me and I sure have other things to do (say, two take home exams at the same time). And I do keep questioning myself about why I keep reading this stuff. Mostly, to tell the truth, it’s a mix of accident and morbid fascination. Like this morning, the headline on the international page in my morning paper drew me in like a fish.

A large part of it is though, that I desperately look for a glimmer of light in these horrible reports. Even though I know there’ll only be the abstract “we need to do something”.

I’m fine most of the time, I promise :slight_smile: I just have random bouts of angst (damn, the Swedish word ångest is so much better!) that makes me post stuff like this. I write it down to get it out of my system, makes me feel a little better.

And I like your idea, RPT, but it seems I have to do with the complete ABBA collection.

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… that’s even funnier when you know who kuribo_power and rokayas are XD

I, for one, welcome our new wingèd dominatrix overlords! :biggrin:

I second that. :smiley:

It won’t happen. There’s nothing people more willingly ignore than doomsday reports or anything than might interfere with their happy little lives or the happily little lives of their children some several years in the future. Maybe if we somehow bring the issue of increased taxes into it? People never ignore that.

Weiila, stop watching the news…they say depression leads you to suicide, and watching the news is the shortest way there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure other people will jump down my throat for this, but I honestly think that there’s way too much crap going on in the world that it’s better to not know about it all…because there’s almost always nothing you can do about it.

It’s ironic, because that’s exactly the reason I don’t watch the news and hardly even looked in my morning paper until this spring :stuck_out_tongue: Then I suddenly got the idea in my head that since I get the paper I should read it and hey, some way to keep updated on what’s going on… bad idea.

Well, seriousness aside… good to hear you accept my leadership, my darlings. checks on high heels

Shotgun on second-in-command.

Heh, I was waiting for this to get posted. Facts that may help: Nicholas Stern who compiled the report was Vice President of the World Bank, so he can’t be discredited. Blair seems to be changing his environmental policy (even if UK isn’t such a big polluter if I remember the charts correctly, its diplomacy still counts for something). The report speaks the language of money. You can’t give 1% of the world GNP? You’ll give 5-20% tomorrow (and that’s a whole lotta money). Lastly at some time seaside cities will face imminent danger and their citizens won’t be happy and exert influence to their politicians. It may be late for them but we’ll do it (okay, joking here).

My basic hope is that it will become easier to the politicians to get measures, rather than lose votes/have to pay more to make up for global warming.

Till then the sky’s blue and the grass green. Have a bath and go for a walk.

Thanks, all of you, I feel a lot better this morning :slight_smile:

Rigmarole, that was pretty much exactly what I needed to hear. Even if it’s a long shot still, this report does scare with economics.
And ah, I caught a report (gack, sorry!) about some OPEC high and mighty fellow declaring that this British report had no ground in either science nor economics and wouldn’t be “accepted” by OPEC.

Is it just me or does that sound like your typical cover-upping future-dead-meat villain?

You are welcome. OPEC has a limited amount of oil and has to make the most of it before we abandon it as a power source. You’ve got the plot for your next story, Whip Woman!

Speaking of the economic effects of nature conservation…

The state where I live and the surrounding ones are known for their natural beauties. Specially the coastal regions, which have historically thrived on tourism. People used to swarm the northeastern coast of Brazil for its beaches and cuisine. But pollution started messing up with the fish and crab populations, all the while making some beaches improper for people to enjoy them. Now there are large bags of human misery along the coastline, and the fishing industry is having a pretty hard time in which many big companies have broken (sending thousands into unemployment). The city where I live once depended very much on its beach tourism. When I was a kid it wasn’t so important anymore, but still played an important role in our economy. Now some beaches are considered dangerous to human health.

You’d think that after so much money was lost because nobody took care of their income, people would then stop polluting so much and go green. Actually, the general thought around is “we don’t have anything else to lose and it’ll be so hard to recover the beaches, let’s just let things stay as they are and try to find ways to benefit from it.” A few years ago they dumped an humongous amount of earth on an already dead beach to make more space for buildings.

Far from here, near the frontiers we have with Bolivia and Paraguay, proper ecotourism, which requires large green areas and a careful conservation of forests and rivers, is making smart people millionaires overnight.