GRAH. From one problem to another. Suddenly I'm missing Win98.

Well, there’s a small problem. I can’t change my resolution from 800x600… so… this is just slightly annoying. Well very annoying. Anything we’ve tried so far doesn’t seem to work.

Anyways, I’m running Win XP Home, with Radeon 7200. That’s all I really know. sighs

Well at least I have a comp. But still. This is kinda stupid, not to mention annoying on the eyes.

Are the drvers installed? Simply having the card isn’t gonna do much :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, I still use 98. Tried XP, sucked, went back to 98.

You know what’s funny? I’m one of the world’s unluckiest computer users, and I haven’t had many of these problems everyone else has with XP. Maybe it sucks so much that it cancels itself out and becomes something good, but who knows?

Hey, at least you have XP. ME… shudders

Hades is right, it sounds very much like you’re having video driver troubles. If you’ve already installed them, uninstall and install them again.

If you haven’t installed them yet, do so now. =P

Well I got the problem solved… although my rents are going to be pissed when see this…

Blame it on Windows XP. *Nod, nod.

Anyway. If the problem returns, reinstall the drivers. System admin Rule #1: Be lazy, fix the problem by reinstalling.

I think the problem is that Windows is engineered too closely to match the hardware… and vice versa, probably. New versions of Windows tend to work great with new hardware, but suck with old hardware. The opposite is true of old Windows versions.