Grah! CN ran out of Inuyasha episodes! RARRGHH!!!

you could go to and get the bootleg inuyasha dvds, they have 1-102 and the movie. no matter what you do, DON’T buy the official dvds in america, they only have 3 episodes each for $30. The bootlegs have about 25 each for $30.

About running out of episodes. There are over 110 episodes of the show in japan so far. They would never release all of them at once, because ppl would get bored quickly. Hell, it took 5 years for all the dbz episodes to come to america.

Personally, after like 50 episodes, I got kinda bored of Inuyasha. Mostly, because it got redundant. But, it’s still a good show none the less.

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IY in japan is beyond 110

Aren’t the series still incomplete in Japan, cuz the last time I remember hearing about it was that it just finished making the movie for it fairly recently. So the series hasn’t finished completely in Japan yet, right?