GRAH and question

cough. So, little console problem. I was wondering if anyone experienced that before: after abrupt power suspension (i. e. plug was pulled) my N64 kind of went down the shitter. Meaning, if I put in a game, and I mean, ANY game, it won’t show any save games anymore (first I thought it might have been the controller pack that broke, but it really turned out to be the console). Now, since I don’t have another console to test things, what would be more likely: can’t it just -read- any savegames anymore, or did it erase what was present already? Whenever I tried to save something, it would be gone next time as well by the way.
I sincerely hope for the first, because if all my games got erased now, that would be bad. Very. I spent months on working on some of my saves, years on some. hundreds and hundreds of hours.

From that, your save battery could have gone, or been shorted maybe from the cord being ripped out. You can buy and replace them for not too much… but I dunno where you’d get one sorry.


…oh. :o well that’s a possibility I did not consider. I doubt it actually, but I shall look into it.

I don’t remember exactly how the N64 works, does it save to the cartridges, or to a SavePak you have to plug into the controller? Because it sounds like the internal battery died on either the game, or the SavePak, depending on how the N64 saves. You can always try opening up either one, and popping a new battery in, its just a watch battery.

Though your saves are probably gone for good.

Some games save onto the game pack, others save onto the memory card in your controller. If these are memory card saves, it could be that the memory card was shorted out when the plug was pulled. This usually happens if you’re accessing the card and the power goes out. If it’s all cartridge saves, I can’t see what would universally happen to do that.

Both cartridge saves and controller pack (= memory card) saves are gone/ unreadable.

This probably belongs in the Tech Support Forum or Video Game Forum, but I’m not sure which, so I’ll leave it here for now. =P


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