Graffiti Kingdom

Yes, you can make these and much more in the game :open_mouth:

And yes, even revolver ocelot. I can’t wait to get this game.

I’ve seen snake somewhere, but can’t find the link :frowning:

So…what exactly is this?

It’s this game, where you draw your own monsters and fight stuff.


Must get it must find it…i’ma beat up some lil kid for it!

I really enjoyed Magic Pengel, and have been looking forward to this one for a while now.

Is it ACTUALLY good for someone that can’t draw worth shit?

I still find it fun and I have anti-drawing skills, although I’m still realllllllllllyyyyy early in the game.

10 bucks says it doesn’t have any gameplay whatsoever

Um, you run around beating things in the face, collecting transformation cards while leveling up, which unlocks new drawing features as well as makes you stronger and stuff, and it’s suprisingly decent as a beat em’ up. So, who do you wanna pay Sal?

A porn movie.

Edit: Wait, durr. That’s not what I wanted to type at all. Actually, it is but it didn’t come out right. I still say it gets boring as fuck in less than 20mins unless you’re into that artsy stuff

He’s right , it’s more art than gameplay. But if you don’t like art, then why the hell would you play this game anyway? >_>:;

See, I’m now semi-inspired to make (read: wish I could make) a game like this, except story mode is a whole RPG-depth thing like KOTOR where there’s like little to no development of the main character whatsoever (yes, I know the guy turns out to be Revan, but even so.), which is okay because everyone would only use the “transformed creations.”

Also, the combat’d be more detailed and stuff, like, designing key combos. You could literally recreate a fighting game character, combos and all. (Including f’rinstance Dizzy, who’s slightly … chaotic, shall we say, with regards to style.) Or, you could just have someone like Samus or Link, Super Smash Bros. style or not.

I have WAY too many ideas and nothing to do with them.

The first game in the series (Magic Pengel) played similar to a Pokémon Stadium type game, with a story that progressed allowing you to make larger and more detailed “doodles.”

This game is extremely boring, and easy.

After the novelty of having an attack that looks like a penis extending while your creature thrusts forward wears off, you’re left with an extremely ugly drawing and a sub-par action RPG.