I’m an engineer now. What’s your excuse?

Congratulations to all graduates this spring. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some rendering to do.

(And by rendering,I mean an incipient hangover. F*ck.)

What does an engineer do?

Isn’t it obvious? He drives trains for a living.

Good on ye man, make sure you blow the horn a couple times for me :slight_smile:

My excuse is that the next available graduation ceremony wont be til this winter.

That said, congrads.

No seriously, con the hell out of those grads.

Make huge piles of money. Grats, Maba! :smiley:

Congrats to all the new graduands!

What’s the next step Maba? Are you looking for a job or are you looking to get an MSc/PhD?

Well, I’ve been in the movie making biz as an intern since last year, and now with the degree done, I’ve got a foothold in a few companies. My thesis was on color correction and producing masters for a variety of media in a movie-type production.

Since different platforms have different requirements for master files (compare digital and film projectors, optical media and plain media files), I needed to look into how one should approach the post production of a movie. By streamlining the process so that you can produce masters for a variety of release platforms, you can save time and money since you can get all products as a part of the same post processing job (no need to master a movie for DVD/Blu-Ray release separately). For instance, I was assisting in the post production of “Hyvä Poika” (The Good Son) and was in charge of looking into different compression formats, like Vimeo’s and Youtube’s. I did a few trailers as well, like this:

The trailers and their look helped quite a bit with how to proceed with the color definition of the movie itself. One challenge was that the movie was shot with Canon 5D, which is considered to be more of a systems camera with the added bonus of HD quality video capture. Since the cell wasn’t as precise as, say RED Camera’s, dark shots were a bit difficult to handle since there were loads of artifacts and especially panning shots had some extra garbage, no matter how uncompressed material you had.

I could post the english abstract from my degree, if you’d want a more in-depth description?

I was going to ask about your area of expertise, but now it seems it’s software engineering, is that right?

And congratulations.

Congrats! And most importantly, what kinds of beer did you drink after graduation?

Congratulations on your graduation Mabat! :smiley: :toast:

I’ll have graduated this spring too - provided I’ve passed all my exams! Yay. On to my Master’s. Also, congratulations Maba.

Congrats! I see a lot of movies that need to have their colours corrected from this horrible orange and teal pattern they overuse. As a rule of thumb, you should only see orange and teal if you’re playing Warcraft multiplayer. Good luck with your future endeavours.

What did you get your degree in Nulani? How long did it take you? Where did you go?

Nice job, graduates. You’re free from exams for life.

I’m not. There’s a big on coming up in July. :frowning:

I’ve minored in history and majored in English. It took me much too long - I was delayed first by being scheduled to have two exams at the same time on the same day, and second by a group project where, well, my group vanished, leaving me to do as much work as a full group, but in less than half the time. And it’s from the University of Stavanger. It’s not too bad a place, not very prestigious. Lecturers are nice. I can’t say the same about the administration - as you can probably tell.

I’ll have my associate’s degree in Science with an Ecology focus in a couple weeks. Then I’ll be off to an actual University for once, to get my BSc in Biology and probably a minor in something (Fine Arts or Geology). I guess it’s graduating season!

Good luck. It’s actually not that bad after law school exams, since you have two empty months to study and it’s pass-fail. Are you taking BarBri?

Yep. Live at Emory University in Atlanta. If I stick with PACED, I’m sure I’ll be fine. Georgia’s essay day consists of two MPTs in the morning then four 45 minute essays in the afternoon.

goddamn lawyers get 2 months to study for their exam