I just found this game in my collection.

Holy shit it’s hard. I can barely get to the second level , and I can get to the end of the third if I do slow motion. Is it even possible to beat?

If it is Gradius (1) for nes…

Then yes. It can be beaten.
Just to prove it, I can say that:
The final boss is a brainlooking thingy that is connected to the floor and ceiling, and you have to shoot the chains or whatever it is that connects it to the floor and ceiling.

And just wait until you get to the amoeba place…
It’s crawling with blobs that appears from all directions at once and then they head straight for you.

Gradius 1 is hard
Gradius 3 is for real gamers
Gradius Gaiden will make you it’s bitch.

And then somewhere in there are the R-Type games and Lifeforce and so on.

Psh, Gradius is nothing! Go find Gradius III to know the meaning of hard. I’ve spent many nights flipping out after getting a game over on the last level of that game.

Although it’s as easy as your mom, Gradius’ GameBoy love-child Nemesis is quite fun.

You damn kids! When I was at your age we didn’t have Gradius, we had to play Paradroid and we were happy with it!

I think Gradius 3 is the easiest of the first 3, actually. At least, the SNES version is. I think Gradius 2 is the hardest one of them all – I don’t see how people can call it the best in the series.

Gradius? That hard?

Try Abadox.