Gotta love map design flaws

Not sure if anybody’s pointed this out but:

This is the mountain range just north of Mt. Ordeals. You can walk along the shoreline (in the south), then come around and walk around the pointy part along the north edge. There, you can fight enemies from around Toria (about 2 dungeons ahead of where you’re supposed to be).

You’ll probably first want the level 2 spells, though.

Good thing is, you can get about 1400 or so Exp per fight. Compare that to the 200-300 you get from fighting what you’re supposed to.

Oh, and there’s also seems to be a glitch (at least in the US SNES cart), where if you try to equip the Paladin Shield on Cecil during the fight against himself, the game will reset if you lose (whereas the game normally continues win or lose. If you want to win for the sake of winning, just buy a lot of Cure2 potions and use one the moment Cecil’s HP drops below 200. Of course, you don’t win anything, and you’ll avoid that annoying “If you’re a real Paladin…you must not fight now” thing).

Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II had similar spots on the map where you could go to fight enemies long before you were supposed to fight them.

FF 2 had it a lot and if you stepped in that spot you would probably die. You would also have to go near these spots to progress in the story.

I remember that Dark Knight Cecil would go down on his own if you didn’t attack for a few rounds, but I wasn’t sure if that was supposed to happen or not. I do know that trying to fight him took a lot of time, potions and other items.

The reason Dark Knight Cecil died if you didn’t fight him was that he was using an attack that costs him 1/8th of his HP (I believe that’s the number). In the Japanese (and I assume Chronicles) version, the player had the attack, and knew this, so they could just cure themselves and let him destroy himself. Unfortunately, they took that attack out of the American SNES cart, so the player didn’t know, except for that tiny piece of advice: “If you’re a paladin, don’t attack now” that keeps popping up.

I think that if you attacked Dark Knight Cecil at all, his special attack stopped hurting him, because you’ve shown that you’re not a true paladin, and that’s why it would take so long to destroy him.

EDIT: I didn’t know about that spot on the map, although I had heard of the one in FF1 that Hiryuu mentioned… It’ll be good for Palom and Porom, but not very good for Cecil until after Mt. Ordeals. (I had a friend who recently played FFIV for the first time, and he killed off his other party members, and maxed out Dark Knight Cecil’s levels before climbing Mt. Ordeals. Oh the tragedy! ::doh:: )

<img src=“”> Speaking of weird maps areas, did anyone ever take the airship down to the underground area and fly straight west to a tiny strip of land next to the lava (it right next to the rock wall). If you head in that tiny 6 spots of land, you will fight monsters I never see elsewhere in the game, along with oldies like Egg with Llama in it. I forget what some of the monsters there are named.

Rirse: <a href=“”>Go here</a>. He has a little section on that. He also had the exact same misconception about it that you have. Those enemies do NOT JUST appear in that tiny three space area, they are also on the southern part of the Sylvan Cave area. If you look hard, you’ll notice a familiar name corrected his error.

That site is also a good source of information on other FF4 stuff that people ALWAYS seem to get wrong…

Aww, I missed that error when I was playing the copy dragonquester sent me! :frowning: Oh well, try it later. Won’t be as helpful now, but it would be nice to know. I’ll have to check out that tiny area, too. Looks like a nifty trick. :slight_smile:

So that’s it… I played a translated version of the japanese rom, which had that attack, Dark Wave. Thing is, instead of that “don’t attack” stuff, in that combat, something else kept popping up, along the lines of “Justice is not brought…” and then “… upon my might”. I guess someone screwed up. And I’ve always wondered if Cecil’s levels as a DK counted for that particular match too.

<img src=“”> Shit, there is a number of things I thought were true listed in that page. I used to always think to kill the skeletons in Mt Ordeal a while to get the Zeus Gaunlet, while also trying to get the bomb summon from the regular Bombs (I had got the Bomb Summon, but only from the moon). Damn, but thanks for the page Hiryuu.