Gots me the rest of the slayer catalogue

When I last spoke on this I had only gotten the first motion picture. I was woefully disappointed with it, but said I would still get the rest. Well, I got the other 3 movies, and 3 OVAs.

Well, simply the first motion picutre (Slayers Perfect) ends up being the weakest in the Slayers line. The rest are just great. Premium is so fucking rediculous you cant help but like it. I think it’s Gorgeous thats the one with the Cute little Lina-chan golem fighting the Naga Golem, that’s gotta be my favorite movie. And the more I watch them, Naga, who I wasnt too keen on at first, really grew on me. Her Laugh, the way she chatises people for their false laugh, and the way she bounds towards… anything is so amusing. Megumi’s finest moments are here as well, with In My Unlimited Desires being her best song I’ve heard so far.

So I misjudged them. Theyre still not on par with the Main series (seriously, what can beat Next?) but theyre a lot of fun if you watch them on thier own, and dont compare it to the series.