Got Vegemite?


…really now, if anyone can stand to eat this stuff, they ought to allow it. I just find it funny that they’re banning something that’s actually healthy in a country that has serious health issues. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vegemite is made in Australia by U.S.-based Kraft Foods Inc.


It’s banned because it’s got a high content of something not allowed outside of cereal

and it tastes like shit

It isn’t served at fast food chains, of course they’ve banned it.

Why haven’t they banned lutefisk yet? That tastes nasty.

It tastes like nothing if you ask me. But it’s like eating half-stale glue, so it’s still nasty as hell.

Taste, texture. It works for the same.

This won’t make waves; I doubt if anyone who hasn’t heard the song “I Come From a Land Down Under” even knows of the stuff. I wouldn’t.

Unwise of them to ban it. In emergency cases, you could probably pave streets with that stuff.

What I’d like to know is what the hell Vegemite is, beyond its relationship with Brewer’s yeast.

Anyway, Steve is wrong to think that that’s worth banning the product. Banning a product because it contains a vitamin that can prevent pregnant women from getting babies with neural tube defects like spina bifida is utterly incomprehensible.

It’s like a Microsoft solution: technically solves a problem that doesn’t come up much, but it’s inconvenient for everyone whether they have the problem or not.

I am confused by Yar’s statement.

It’s basically a veggie/yeast spread that you can put on crackers and toast and stuff.

That set me on a quest to find this video- . In time honoured tradition, I also wound up finding 20 more.

Back on topic, vegemite over here is known as Marmite. And vile stuff it is too. The sooner they outlaw it, the better IMO.

This stuff sounds tasty.

It has the looks, texture and taste of tar.

It’s a plot against the maritime industry. By Ahab’s leg, this shan’t come to pass!

Vegemite is absolutely horrendous stuff. I got paid $20 to eat some and I still feel ripped off.

has eaten some and is stilla live!

Its tastes okay to me, I have some on bread with cheese once when we had a party at school with exchange students and some of the families that had went over to the different countries etc. Someone brought it and we all tried it. Most people didn’t like it but one or two thought it was wonderful. Its okay :confused:

Also there is no actual story here. It was apparently all just rumors or something.