Got the new Sasha cd. (Trance Music)

Its called Fundacion and it is very very good. I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Trance/electronic music.

Who here does listen to that stuff? Any ravers? Bedroom DJs? Glow-stick heroes?

I spin a little myself, buy only for fun.

I like some electronica: Orbital, Underworld, Massive Attack, Moby, Daft Punk, Aphex Twin, Bjork, the Other People Place, Fatboy Slim, Chemical brothers; that’s all i have cds of.

Sounds like all the stuff you have is production albums. Cds made of individual tracks. I listen more to mixed albums where it is a DJ making a continuous mix of music. They are definitely more hit or miss though.

I’m a pretty big electronica fan, but though the genre is heavily oriented towards singles and mix albums, I still prefer full-length albums by individual artists. So, my favourite techno album is “Dubnobasswithmyheadman” by Underworld. I also like “Selected Ambient Works 85-92” by Aphex Twin, “Innovator” by Derrick May, and “Demon Days” by Gorillaz, to name a few.

I really like The Gorillaz, but would you really call that electronica?

People still listen to trance? Sasha is such crap. He rides every trend to death. Now he’s latched on to the horrible breakbeat style of trance first popularized like 8 million years ago by Hybrid, but even Hybrid isn’t making this breakbeat shit anymore. At least he isn’t doing progressive anymore…good lord.

That being said, you really have to talk to me SK. Underworld is cool and all…but come on. You need to update your tastes. 2005 is already like one of the best years techno, electro, and IDM has seen this decade. So much good stuff has come out this year already. The new Autechre is pretty good, better than Draft 7.30 in my opinion. The new Gorillaz is awesome (though it’s hip-hop, it’s largely influenced by all sorts of genres from rock to electronica), the new Monolake is just insanely good…there’s even a trickle of good things starting to come from Detroit this year. Unfortunately, we have a new album coming from Underworld, but I have a hard time believing they have anything at all left to say in music. But I guess we’ll find out…