Got cliches?

This has probably already been seen by many, but I just found it and thought it was pretty amusing. Check it out, it’s a pretty extensive list.

Yes. Just about everyone’s already seen it.

Maginot Line Rule
It is easy to tell which city/nation is the next conquest of the Evil Empire: its streets are filled with citizens who brag that the Empire would never dare attack them, and would be easily defeated if it tried. (This smug nationalism always fails to take into account the Empire’s new superweapon.)

Hmm…Lacour Hope, anyone?

Thousand Year Rule
The Ancient Evil returns to savage the land every thousand years on the dot, and the last time it showed up was just about 999.9875 years ago. Despite their best efforts, heroes of the past were never able to do more than seal the Evil away again for the future to deal with (which brings up the question of just how exactly does this “sealing away” work anyway, but never mind.) The good news is that this time, the Evil will get destroyed permanently. The bad news is that you’re the one who’s going to have to do it.

I think this should be called the Dark Force rule. :slight_smile:

This was pretty cool. A lot of actual truths in that.

Friendly Fire Principle (or, Final Fantasy Tactics Rule)
Any attack that can target both allies and enemies will hit half of your allies and none of your enemies. Healing spells, by contrast, will preferentially target the enemy boss.

And this is why I’m not devoting all my time to this game.

This, is of course, my favourite:

Garrett’s Principle
Let’s not mince words: you’re a thief. You can walk into just about anybody’s house like the door wasn’t even locked. You just barge right in and start looking for stuff. Anything you can find that’s not nailed down is yours to keep. You will often walk into perfect strangers’ houses, lift their precious artifacts, and then chat with them like you were old neighbors as you head back out with their family heirlooms under your arm. Unfortunately, this never works in stores.

Makes me almost regret what I do to people with my theif on Morrowind… Shame it’s only for CRPGs.

Oh, and I suppose I should mention Cloud’s rule. points to avatar :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, cool!

I used to have this page bookmarked, but it got moved. Now I’ve found it again, all thanks to you.


Now I can update my bookmarks. Yay.

(This is the first RPG cliche list I ever found/read, and the best, too. Well, apart from the one we made [is that still here or did it get deleted?])

116 “You Couldn’t Get To Sleep Either, Huh?”
If any character in the game ever meets any other character standing alone at night looking at the moon, those two will eventually fall in love.
What about Vivi and Zidane?

Here’s one.

Law of Alcoholic Amnesia (The Opera Theory)

Despite the fact that a game will make countless references to strong drink, have a taven in every town, and have a character who is an admitted alcoholic, people will still refuse to actually admit the existance of actual alcohol in the game.

Originally posted by Xelopheris
What about Vivi and Zidane?

Maybe they did fall in love?

Maybe Vivi was really a female in disguise and Zidane is the father of those kids.

LOL! I read those before. Very funny because it’s the truth. (AND YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!)

That’s it, I’m outta here.