Whenever I ask where I can find something, idiots always say “Search Google”

Why else do you think I was asking them? Becaue i couldn’t find it!

Stuff I couldn’t find on google is a Cleric Quintet character guide, hunter x hunter manga guide, and a manga database

Last year, I could find a lot of kiddy grade hentai (it’s not kids, it’s just a title) on google, and now I couldn’t find any

Google sucks. All search engines suck. None of them intelligently know what you’re looking for, they just search randomly throughout pages the search terms. Even using quotation marks and adding + and - doesn’t do much either

I have the same problem. When it happens, I usually resort to Wikipedia.

yeah fuck search engines, i just randomly type stuff in the address bar untill i find something cool

Kaiser, i’d help you but i don’t want banned.

I hope these help. Found them on google:

Characters from the quintet:

Hunter X Hunter:

Manga databases: There’s one here:

And then there are a lot of them here:"manga+database"&meta=

Edit: Can’t help you with hentai. And as for search engines, you’re not forced to use them, so if you don’t like the way they work, just don’t resort to them.

I always thought search engines were the only way you find stuff

It’ll be cool if there were internet genies that found what you want

Is it true they did an internet porn sweep?

Porn sweeps are unlikely. As for search engines again, yes, they are not as efficient as we need them today. Some researches being done into web semantics might give them some enhancement in a few years, though. It’s expected that instead of just searching for keywords, such engines will also be able to work with context-based search.

Search engines are plenty efficient. You just need to know what terms to use. You have to be a lot more specific than ‘manga database’, since that’ll either net you porn or a place to buy manga at obscene prices. One term frequently used in manga is ‘scanslations’ or something like that. Just be as specific as possible and you can usually find what you’re looking for.

Yeah… the problem with search engines is that people abuse them and their ranking system, hence all the junk you get with your searches. Most of my searches are actually fairly successful. And I’ve found that if I can’t find it on the first two pages, chances are the remaining pages are useless.

As for the Semantic Web, it’s a nice idea (and a very popular one - there are entire conferences based on it), but it’d mean a lot more work for people who actually create sites. Even if the technology becomes available, it’ll be many years before it’s remotely usable for general purposes.

Ok, Search Yahoo.


Really? I seem to be able to find anything i need. Maybe is just the way you’re searching?

Animenfo sucks for manga. They don’t have much titles, and there’s no volume guides

Anime News Network didn’t have a volume guide, so I can’t find out where I left off

The google site was in Spanish

I guess the internet doesn’t offer what I’m looking for, so thanks anyways

More manga then anyone will ever need.

It doesn’t have the Excel Saga manga. is nice

So? I meant there was a lot of manga on the site, not that there was everything. Ass.

The key thing here is that the comics are free, so there really shouldn’t be any complaining

Search Google Better.

I don’t know how to search google good. For instance, if I were to look for a good rpg graphics card, there would be too many graphics cards to look through

This other time, I searched for a spiky wig for cosplay, and the best one I ordered wasn’t all that spiky