Google with $2.7Billion IPO{01DBE7A4-4DEA-4A48-88CC-519416ADE90E}&siteid=mktw
Looks interesting, if i had money id invest and probably make a good(read: ginormous) profit of it.

It’d be very wise to invest, if you could afford it. Soon their “GMail” web based email is going to launch, and it’ll kill hotmail and yahoo. Both in terms of users, and features (1 gb space).

And they’ll even read your email for you!

I don’t think it’s quite that simple… Well, yahoo’s already dead >>;

Doesn’t Yahoo=Google? I know Yahoo runs off of Google’s engine (same search gives same results). I don’t expect Yahoo to dissapear if Google gets bigger. But I may be mistaken.

You’re an idiot, yahoo is google’s “competitor”. Also they dont use the same things to search, examples Yahoo, Google.

In lieu of pointlessly flaming, could someone remind me what IPO stands for?

I doubt you would be flamed.

Its “Initial Public Offering”, and its when a company is first availble to be purchased on the stock exchange. I think its a big deal for google because they will have a hard time shaking the past history of crappy .com IPO’s, and maybe thats why this IPO is getting alot of attention.

Yahoo doesnt equal google, they are in fact two very different companies, the only thing is that yahoo has been leasing googles looking system for the past few years, however they recently announced that they were dropping the google engine and developping their own proprietary engine. In all honnestly I dont know how much of a blow that really is to google, since we dont know how much yahoo was paying them, but they`re certainly loosing a high profile client.

I was referring to what everyone else was doing. Thanks, though.