Google Web Accelerator. Very damn important.

Anyone who hasn’t read it yet and uses Google’s new software should really really read this SA update on the subject.

For those too lazy to do so: ANY site or form or information you enter or view while using GWA is uploaded to Google’s cache and is legally theirs to read as they see fit AND ANYONE ELSE USING THE SOFTWARE WILL BE ABLE TO VIEW YOUR ACCOUNTS/SETTINGS/WHAT-HAVE-YOU.This includes any ‘secure’ passwords, cookies or anything else you store that isn’t using HTTPS. This program is not covered with Google’s usual ‘anti-evil laws’.

Really, really don’t use this guys.

edit; for INTERNET SCIENCE; The program is supposed, supposed, to obey normal Cache-Control and Pragma headers, but according to SA’s tech wizard radium, it’s not doing so consistently, which is why it’s dangerous to use. gg Google.

EDIT: oh wait nevermind.


But thanks for the warning, I was thinking of giving it a go before this.

i’m sure i don’t know what you’re referring to

Why did google have to go and fuck up their image?

Wasn’t it already?

I hadn’t even heard about it before this, but now I’m not touching it with a ten foot pole… Thanks for the warning!

These companies and such have too many internet loopholes to go through. Something needs to be done about it.

Damn, Google slipped up. Well it was bound to happen.

Well, this same concern was raised over Gmail, but you all seem to love that. =\

I just use Firefox and pipeline.

Does this mean that the regular search engine is flawed, or just this new shareware program? Because Google does search the most sites, and its effective. Thats why I use it.


Just the new program.

I wouldn’t if I did have enough Cash for Win 2k/XP.

I’ll stay with 98, thankyouverymuch!