Google has a great sense of humor.

For some reason, Google now thinks my IP address is in Spain. O_o So I managed to find the Preferences link to turn the language back to English. Once there, I found that you can have Google’s tips show up in a whole bunch of languages, including:

Bork, bork, bork! (Swedish chef accent)
Elmer Fudd

I was cracking up when I saw this. 8p

Haha, Hacker and Klingon.

Is Pig Latin a real language?

…Pig latin and Klingon? They’ve got some quirky people working there I suppose.

The Bork filter is great. XD

Great… I’ve somehow gotten it stuck on pig latin.

NOT recommended >_<

I like it better than my own real Swedish. :kissy:

more proof Google has a sense of humor. Type in “Miserable Failure” and then hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. is also funny but I don’t think it is officially related to Google in anyway.

Heh, I didn’t even see Hacker… searching Google in 1337-sp34k. W00t. 8p

This is HILARIOUS. Man, trying to speak bork bork is awesome. Cid wins for best thread of the week.

Even better: If you choose Elmer Fudd in e.g., “Search the web” turns into “Hunt wabbits”. 8D

Are you Feewing Wucky?

Hmm…Yes google does have a great sense of humor doesn’t it? Cracks up on the spot.

I know what you’we thinking. Did he fiwe six shots or onwy five? Weww, to teww you the twuth, in aww this excitement, I’ve kinda wost track mysewf. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powewfuw handgun in the wowwd, and wouwd bwow youw head cwean off, you’ve got to ask youwsewf one question: Do I feew wucky? Weww, do ya, punk?

I just laughed for like 3 minutes at the word “Veb” alone. You have no idea lmao

Sadly, aside from their April Fools jokes, the only other humorous Google joke I know of is the Google Map of the Moon.

I’m in Bork now. It’s. . . they. . . they should’ve. . . sent a poet.

Oddly enough, that leads to a news website about that phenomenon. That article also explains how that’s just an automatic function of Google being exploited by groups of people, so not actually google trying to be funny on it’s own.

Yea I tried it a little while ago to see if it still worked. I read the article and I was little hurt…

tlhIngan Hol!

I once tried to learn to speak Klingon. I never got further than a few insults, and “Do you speak Klingon?” which I’m not sure how to spell.