Goofy shot in drive by shooting

<img src=“”> Legendary Disney character Goofy was shot in a drive by shooting. News at eleven!,2106,2986261a4560,00.html :bowser:

Ha ha, dude that’s awesome


Why the hell didnt they do that before Kingdom Hearts! MAN, that would have fixed so many problems… But Donald was cool, cause he’s an ass hole…

Good thing he doesn’t have a brain.

vOh if I only had a brain… whistles a few bars

Err… what a shame, to be gunned down at his age? Iunno.

Gimme an X to the D, baby!

Or they could have just not made it, and saved us from a crappy game and even crappier fangirls.

Poor Goofy, it’s a tragedy.

Too bad. :hahaha;

Huh? What exactly happened?

The GOofy doll was a victim of a drive-by shooting. The stray bullet got lodged in the head of the doll. Thereby he was the victim.

Silly stuff :stuck_out_tongue: