Goodmoring internet

Hi people,
i’m new here, i came here through the Might and magic VII shrine (thank you so much dude, else i’d still be looking around avlee for that last golem part:D)
i got to that game because my dad played it ages ago and i loved it.
when i found his old copy i decided to play, played for 30 hours in the last 5 days:P

anyway, i’m 17 years, dutch, a boy, game addict(RTS and RPG)

i played mmorpgs , found that i was just grinding and took to other rpg’s

Does anybody else here agrees that the lvling system in morrowwind and oblivion is kinda lame?

also, i couldn’t find the intro section so i did it here

anybody got some good suggestions about good rpg’s

I, personally, like the leveling system in Morrowind and Oblivion. Getting better at skills one uses simply makes more sense than randomly getting better at picking locks from killing monsters.

Who needs to pick locks when you can bust down doors? That would be a good skill.

I suggest correct grammar if you ever intend to post again. Ask TD, he’s Dutch as well and can reiterate the importance of not looking like an idiot.


[FONT=verdana]Intend not intent, Eden. *Pat, pat.

If you’re not turned-off by JPRG’s there’s Treasure of the Rudras, Romancing SaGa III, Terranigma, Tales of Phantasia, and Seiken Denetsu III and Secret of Mana. If you want western RPG’s there’s Fallout I and II, Septerra Core, and Baldur’s Gate I and II. Those should send you off to a nice start.

Thanks Nulani. <3 Migraines do terrible things to people.


You can, in some of them; Daggerfall uses your weapon or unarmed skill to break into a locked door.

Not everybody speaks perfect English, Eden.

Anyway, welcome Windfrog. :wave: There is no introductory section here. You just post your own thread, or just jump in on the conversations.

Many people here have sarcastic senses of humor, so don’t take what they say too seriously.

Check out all our boards, we have all sorts of fun stuff like Fanfiction and RPing boards!

Hope you enjoy the place! :slight_smile:

So true Wilf, in addition: not everyone uses their nationality as an excuse to spray menstrual blood all over a forum post and expect roses in response; perhaps that is customary where you come from, but here in reality we tend to prefer coherent sentences- or at least an effort.


Aren’t you overreacting a little, Eden?

What I do, I do for the good of France!


Ever read The Nightwalker, by Thomas Tessier?

Welcom the the Agora! I hope you enjoy your stay here.

I love Might and Magic! I prefered VI to VII mostly because I enjoyed the character creation more at the time I was playing it ('99?) because it was less complicated (all the characters being human and all) to understand as a ten-year-old new to video games (at the time). Since I haven’t played either one in years, maybe I’d like VII more now - who knows?!

oh come on eden, my grammar isn’t that bad, at least not bad enoguh to piss all over me.
also thanks everybody, and what are Jrpgs( im guessing japanese rpgs?)

as long as they are in english im fine with them:P

You guessed correctly, and yes, they’re in English.

Welcome to RPGC.

Windfrog is a pretty cool name - is it a reference to anything?

It’s generally considered more polite to capitalize proper nouns (names, for simplicity’s sake) and the beginning of sentences. A comma here and there, or an absent apostrophe, is a simple error, while, generally, things like refusing to capitalize, or to punctuate altogether, are interpreted not as an error in language, but rather a lack of effort from which many infer an insult or slight.

Personally, as long as I can understand I don’t mind, really. However, others take offense if it seems like someone doesn’t “bother” when communicating with them.

To this I say, true dat.

Well, your sentence insults even my mother with its exhaustive amount of commas and words. Apologize this instant!