Bye all! I’m going to the North of England on holiday so… Bye!

in a very good Bond accent Very good M. See you later.

Have lots of fun Chris! If you can, bring back some pics :slight_smile:

does the bye bye! dance Have fun!

Bai-Bai * waves and sings a song while Jing dances*

Seeya chris! stabs goodbye

Have a good time.


I’m Back!!!
(btw, i’m devloping the pictures at this moment)

Who are you, again?

Woo, welcome back. Where’d you visit?

A costal village in Northumberland

Where is that?

A costal village called Seahouses on the coast of Northubria …and by any chance, are you Galloways brother Gemini?

In real life we are. What made you think that?

He put you in his fanfics.

I just put him in the latest edition of RPG News.

Welcome back Chris. Did ya’ have fun?

I did have fun, but… my dogs are soooooooo tired.

England is lovely, but too hot at the moment. But, of course, medicore compared to Scotland. nod, nod

Welcome back.