Goodbye Inafune....

After 23 years of work Inafune quits, quite a sad day for Capcom I would say, I just hope he stays in the game business.

Oh god dammit!

Just as we finally get MML3 put into the works after 10 years of waiting, the custodian for the entire series up and leaves.

On the one hand, he can finally make the games that he’s been wanting to make for years now.

On the other hand, I doubt that he’ll be allowed to maintain any creative control over the many series he did.

Oh god dammit.

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Thanks, It is my believe that Inafune left because his character design in Megaman Legends 3 came dead last.

Actually he’s been going on for a while now about the state of game development practices in Japan falling behind. Besides given how many times his projects have come under ‘executive meddling’ its more than likely that his reasons for leaving are more for creative freedom rather than anything else.

Also I will agree that the results of that vote were disappointing to say the least.

Oh man… What’s the fate of Megaman Universe now?

Well, going by how the usual Inafune-less Megaman games have been: FUCKED. X8 doesn’t count, it being good clearly had to be a fluke.

By the way, holy shit you still around?

I liked the white-coat blonde better, but Inafune’s design was just an uninspired bare Roll rehash. I sincerely doubt he put much work into it or intended it to win.

I’ve only been away for, like, a year and a half. That’s like a month in turtle years, right?

And now I wanna know which Megaman games had or hadn’t Inafune in their production. Besides the NES games and Megaman 7, I’ve only played X 1 through 4, then the Zero series and I’ve liked them all.

X6 at least. 3 also ended up as it did due to executive meddling (you can tell how much more ambitious it was compared to every other NES MM game). Any DOS game (if they could even be classified as ‘games’). GB2. Not certain about the Xtreme games.

Also there’s the lack of an MML3 up until now. There’s also no Maverick Hunter X2. The Zero series was massively altered by X6’s existence (most notable in Z3’s plot and ending).

For greater clarification. X6 is almost unwinnable due to some really poor stage design choices (such as Metal Shark Player’s hidden path, most of Gate’s (i.e. the villain’s) Lab). And if the stage designs weren’t enough, many situations devolved into pure bullet hell which is horrible considering how the series and the engine they were using were not designed to accommodate for the ‘more dakka’ option leading to many cheap deaths. Additionally some enemies, by design, were completely ridiculous like the cube bosses of Gate’s Lab (where due to their eventual speed, size, room dimensions eventually made them impossible to dodge, and that’s just when they’re not attacking directly), or those fire wheels from the fire bird boss’s stage (ridiculously huge, fast, only vulnerable in four corners that all had to be destroyed, and you will run into 4 of them every time you play the stage), or even another stage that has a giant robot beam spamming you from the background for the entirety of the stage that you can do nothing about (and the beam covers about half the screen). Not to mention that clearing stages meant that other stages would be altered (making already difficult stages nightmarishly so in many cases). Just look up any MMX6 video (well, the ones that feature actual gameplay) and you’ll see what I mean.

MM2GB on the other hand was simply a case of straight copypasta from the NES incarnations (moreso than any other GB MM game) but with some ridiculous elements like supposed time travel, the Megaman Killer boss rode a jackhammer pogostick (which you could get and be useless with) who was also future Megaman (enslaved by Dr. Wily to destroy Megaman but gets destroyed leading to a destroyed Megaman, and yet Wily’s plans to destroy Megaman were foiled due to Megaman being destroyed).

Again, the DOS games aren’t so much playable as they are complete wastes of human endeavor as seen here.

He was not involved with Xtreme, or the noticeably-not-as-good-as-Battle-Network Starforce games. But above everything: X7. ECKS-fucking-SEVEN.

And here I thought that he was involved with X7 as a method of damage controlling X6. This actually makes much more sense, especially given Axl creation, X taking a back seat as a bridge bunny, and the general unplayability of X7 (in that, so far its the only X game I have yet to beat).

Also I don’t remember if he was involved in Command Mission (although I could see it being more of a creation from the BoF team than from Inafune given how many gameplay mechanics that game borrows from but a collaboration is also possible), but I do remember that he wasn’t involved in Super Adventure Rockman which was pretty awful in its own right.