Good XBox games

I just picked up an XBox today for $25, and I was wondering what games are worth getting on this sucker.

Also it came with Halo 2, Call of Duty 3, and Forza so I’m not looking for those three.

Ninja Gaiden I guess. I don’t like the first as much as the second. Its brutally difficult. Fable? Metal Wolf Chaos? Psychonauts?

Why the hell did you buy an original Xbox?

Seconded Psychonauts but if it’s exclusives you’re looking for PGR2 ain’t bad, the Oddworld games are alright, DOA Ultimate is very good and the Conker’s remake ain’t as good as the N64 version but is still well worth picking up if you can find it cheap. Never played it but I’ve heard good things about ToeJam and Earl 3 as well.

Halo 1
Fable (The Lost Chapters version, I imagine)
Shenmue II
Crazy Taxi III (don’t actually know about it, but I know the first two were hella fun)
GTA: The Trilogy if you didn’t have any of the games for the PS2
Links 2004
Need for Speed: Underground
KotoR came out for it if you haven’t played them
One of the soccer games, either FIFA 2005 or World Soccer Winning Eleven 9

Kung Fu Chaos

I like GTA games. My fiance has his brothers’ Xbox for a while, and it was set up somehow to play his favorite music when he was driving in the game. Makes running over pedestrians much more fun when your favorite tune is comin’ out the car radio :slight_smile:

They were out of PS2s.

But in all seriousness it was announced that Microsoft was discontinuing their backwards compatibility patches and I’m not sure if they ever covered Panzer Dragoon Orta or similarly obscure titles that were worth covering.

Also opening up the possibility of modding my XBox (hereafter to be referred to as the XBlock) to unlock any region locks that might be contained within this black monolith in case I somehow come across an imported game of note like this system’s SMT game (or I could just import it myself or something to that effect).

Anyways thanks for the suggestions. I’m pretty sure this will keep me busy for quite awhile.

I remember the 360 being mostly compatible with Shenmue 2. I remember one weird instance where everything was rendered except for people’s heads.