Good weekend for garage sales

I got a N64 for 5 bucks
an NES for 1 buck
And a Sega Saturn with 17 games for 30 bucks

Is the cartridge slot on the saturn for some kind of memory card? cuz master system games and genesis games dont fit in mine.

It’s for a memory card, yeah. Ram carts and Gamesharks are also made to fit in it. What games did you get?

Ooh, Saturn stuffs. Lucky! :o

shitty ones.

I went to a store afterwards to look at games for it. and bought
Romance of the three kingdoms IV 10$ ughghhh wish i hadnt as I cant figure it out
Tomb Raider 2$
Ray man 2$

and I got the following games with the saturn
Nights into Dreams (demo)
Tetris plus
Shanghai tripple threat
virtua fighter remix
hyper 3d pinball
theme park
Wing arms
bug! (demo)
Madden 97
baseball shit
VR virtua racing
quarter back attack

What are good games for it? I cant afford Panzer Dragoon at the moment. But i know thats a good one. And supposedly Nights is great, but the demo is weird, and I cant figure it out.

I’d say all three Panzer Dragoon games are good, but PDS most of all. NiGHTS is a good game, so I suggest get used to the demo first. Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean, Dragon Force, and Shining the Holy Ark are all good RPGs too. I actually like Daytona USA. Sonic Jam is a nice Sonic compilation title and has a 3D world that served as a basis for Sonic Adventure. I don’t have Shining Force 3, but I want it and hear that it’s good.

NiGHTS is pretty good. Perhaps look into Shining Force 3, and Resident Evil is on the Saturn if I’m not mistaken.

If you like fighting games, Saturn has the best ports of almost all of the Marvel games.

Get an import cartridge and get the Jap conversions of the marvel beat-em-ups, most import cartridges iirc contain extra RAM to make the games run smoother.

Burning Rangers, another Sonic Team game, is class, Fighters Megamix ain’t as good as Virtua Fighter 2 IMO but it’s a good mix of VF and Fighting Vipers, Quake on the Saturn is pretty fun, and Virtua Cop and HotD 1 are also enjoyable.

What version saturn is it? Round buttons or oval?

Actually, those import Capcom fighters almost all require the additional RAM cart to run at all.

I’d go ahead and get a Pro Action Replay 5-in-1 cart for your Saturn; it works as a Memory card, action replay (game shark), external mod chip, 4MB RAM cart, and a 1MB RAM cart. As for games, I think people have pretty much mentioned all of the great ones. If you get into import Saturn games, you might pick up Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoyoku (aka Castlevania: Symphony of the Night). There are some new areas that weren’t available on the PSX version, and a new playable character.

round buttons.

whats the difference between round and oval buttons? I have no information.

Oval buttons is model 1 Saturn, circle buttons is model 2 saturn. Model 2 tends to work better.

You can do the swap trick far easier with oval buttons, the drive light blinks to tell you when to do it, thats all. Just wondering >_>

Well I want a model 1!