Good times are within sight again

I’m gone for the summer, My destiny is calling so I’m going back to the beach for my 5th summer of hellraising insanity called “de Boekanier” It’s a restaurant on the beach and every summer it’s packed like hell, madness all around, coming with the usual good things everyone likes or at least I like, Bikinis!! fires on the beach at night, the girls wearing the bikinis (I’ve already spotted my next victim:P) drinking beer with my colleagues who happen to be my friends, well have fun on the net and my life rocks…
Ajje va Bresjies bent dan drienk je flesjies vent,
Maor in Nieuwvliet ier dao drienken me vee meer bier

So long and see you all in autumn

Curse you happy person! I shake my fist at you from my cave deep in the heart of poor England and curse your carefree existence! Curse yooooooou!

Have fun. ;D

I give a wholehearted w00t in your general direction. :cool:

Raise high hell in the name of RPGC while you’re gone! :smiley:

Some of you people live such sheltered lives.

Yeah, go do stuff, man. Me, I prefer to hunker down in the basement, browsing the Internet and MUSHing.


Oh, right: and playing “Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.”

Have fun. There’s nothing to do around here. =(

<No. I won’t.>

Bring a bikini back for me. Preferably with the chick still in it >.>

Goodbye! Have fun!

OR ELSE!! :enguard:


Sounds cool (especially the bikini part) have fun!