Good stuff

She sounds kinda like my grandpa. He’s mellowed out in recent years, but I never used to get along with him very well, either.

As for selling your house and buying a smaller one, (well, I’m sure you don’t need this, but ehh) I’d say don’t. It’s a last gift from your grandma before she died. It’s (probably) big enough to support a future family, which means you won’t need to buy any more houses in the future because of lack of room. (Unless you get really busy :wink: Plus it’s an asset. Having something you actually own, and having it be something that big will help your name in the credit card world, and any loan applications, at the least. I dunno how it is down there, but I think you’d be very wise to keep that house for as long as possible.

And hey, you could always rent out a few rooms, eh? :wink:

Hurrah. Congratulations you lucky sod, you deserve it.

It’s situated inside an active volcano, right?

Of course not. It’s gotta be located under the swampland.

Congratulations and stuff Sat, on your good turn of fortune.

I’m glad to hear things are turning your way, man. :smiley:

Hey, yeah. I just thought now, as Shinryu said, you could always rent it out, it could pay for itself!


Congratulations on your new house,it must feel great to have your own house,I know I would feel wonderful,and besids you can always rent one of the rooms or something if you want to make some extra money.

Woo! Good to hear things’re faring well! How was the SH2 document? :slight_smile:

Awesome-tastic, thank you. :smiley:

Hey, congratulations, dude.

Damn! That is pretty sweet.

My grandfather died and all I got was a chessboard.

A bit of advice. Once you get yourself settled, look into getting a tenant. You can take his/her rent and pay your bills with it.