Good stuff

I try not to make posts every time bad stuff happens in my life. I mean, a lot of people do that, and, while I have sympathy, I don’t always have the time to read those sorts of threads. I try to save threads for either current events, funny things, or good things. This is of that third variety.

My life hasn’t been the best in the last couple of years. I’d lost relationships, friends, family, the best two jobs I’d ever had, my home, and had constant money problems. I was constantly (meaning every other week) overdrawn on my bank account, and I’ve been living in someone’s living room sleeping on a recliner for the last 4 months, just trying to catch up on bills that piled up when I was in my apartment, where I had no bed to sleep on in the year I lived there (typically, I slept on the couch or on an air mattress).

However, this post isn’t about that. If I wanted to yap on about all the bad stuff that happened to me, I would have made posts about them when they happened. I merely mentioned that stuff to show the stark contrast to what has happened recently.

Last month, I lost my grandmother. I was never really close to her, and she always seemed rather mean to me, so, while I never celebrate the loss of human life, I wasn’t really torn apart over it either. She always said that she was going to donate her vast estate to charity, just so that her family couldn’t have it. She felt that we didn’t deserve it, as we didn’t earn it ourselves like she and her husband did. However, that’s not what ended up happening.

She had five children, including my father. They split $125,000 (plus the interest that that $125k had accumulated in the bank over the last 10 years), so $25,000+ a piece. Also, she paid off all of their mortgages, so they own their houses. For my generation (the grandchildren), she split $30,000, so we all got $5,000 a piece (there are six of us). The great-grandchildren all got $1,000 donated to a college fund.

There’s more, though. She had four houses in the end. She decided that they could go to any grandchildren who are currently attending, or have graduated college. Two of my cousins have graduated, and my sister and I are currently attending.

Thus, next week, I receive a check for $5,000 and a HOUSE. A four bedroom, 2 bath house, with a full size living room, den, kitchen, and a two car garage. A HOUSE. And it’s only about 25 minutes from my work (located in beautiful Richardson, TX), so I don’t have to leave my job or my friends.

I really don’t want to brag about these kinds of things, but I’m not used to good things happening to me. I just figured I’d let you guys know, and once I get moved in, I’m holding an RPGC Southwest meet. I’ll let you know when you can RSVP.

Dood! You’ve gotta to be kidding me!



You’re one lucky motherfucker. I hate you.

So, what is the house like?

Does this mean I can finally get my memory card? :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy crap, a free house out of nowhere. I would have loved to see your face when you found out :stuck_out_tongue: Congratulations man.

You know Sat man, a while back, like years ago, I had a dream that there was a big RPGC meet at your house, which was rather big for a single person. I think that that is pretty cool, because at the time I didn’t make anything of it.

I am glad you are able to have a house. =D It is too bad that your grandma had such a hard personality, perhaps this was her way of making up for not doing enough for you… old people tend to have change of hearts when they are going to die. My grandpa, for example, who was always very nice, is dying and suddenly became the cruelist, cheapest man I’ve ever met. =o


Wow, man. That’s really cool. You do realize, though, that if you hold an RPGC meet, your house won’t be viable afterwards, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sat: Nice of you to post to share your good feelings (without boasting about your luck.) You’re right, I wish people would do that more often. (In case I never told you, I’ve always admired your personality.) :slight_smile: And BTW, I can sympathize with a LOT of the problems you have.

I hope you’re spending at least some time reevaluating your thoughts about your grandmother as well. It’s a common human flaw to judge other people too easily, but human beings are always more complex than they seem.

For the record, I’m already making plans on how I’m going to distribute my meager possessions when I kick the bucket (my collections -comics, books, videogames, etc.- would go to people whom I trust would enjoy them.) More importantly, I’ve already decided HOW I would spend any unexpectedly large windfall I might get (say, winning the lottery):

By paying off all my relative’s debts.

Hey, they helped raise me. Gotta return the favor sometime. Besides, if I ever have any REAL money, I’ll spend it TRAVELING, so I would want to make sure I do what I can for them before I leave.

Hey, maybe I’ll stop by Sat’s house when I do.

That is SO awesome. I’m really happy for your change in fortune. :smiley:

Congratulation Sat. Now you have plenty of space for this:

Number of Games 795
Estimated Collection Value $34681.05
And much, much more :wink:

Yeah, nice to see that your life took a turn around, Sat. If there’s someone that definitely deserves it on this forum, it’s you.

Good to see things are turning for the best on your part =) Congrats on the House =D

final fantasy fanfare music You get 5,000 gil and a house! But really that’s great, hope the house is in decent shape. :cool:

Not knowing much about houses, is this pretty much a gift, or will you have to pay some sort of house-tax per month anyway?

Nice turn of events :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully this will be the first of many turnarounds in your life, then. You never know what the future will bring, eh? You’re one lucky (and deserving) person, anyway. Here’s hoping you’ll be able to the the same for your descendants one day. :slight_smile:

Glad to see things turn around. The real world is harsh and people need all the help they can get.

Now that you have seen both harshness and generosity I hope you offer your own hand the next time someone is in need. It is very easy to forget about the hard times when things start to get good for you. To help you to not forget I hope you hang a picture of your grandma in a very visible spot in the house as a reminder of the help she gave.


It’s good though to see you’ve got a turn of luck… as everybody’s said. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow… thanks for all the kind words. I didn’t expect so many “congrats, man” posts so much as I expected more than a few “I hate you ur lucky grr” posts. Of course, I don’t know who I expected those from, since most of the people here are generally pretty cool (which explains why this is the only online community I hang out in). [edit: no offense to anyone who did post like that, I assume you were being sarcastic or something. :D]

Wil: As far as my grandmother is concerned, while I never particularly got along with her, I didn’t particularly hate her, either. I just knew that she wasn’t exactly my kind of person, and she was a bit mean spirited, though I don’t think she ever meant any harm. I think, all-in-all, she was a good hearted person, she just didn’t mind poking fun at someone to make a point or to make a laugh.

As far as making sure that I don’t forget how hard things are, I doubt that; I’m still working retail, I’m still trying to afford school and stuff, and the property taxes, while not as much as the rent I’ve paid in the past, will still be enough to keep me working as much as I have been (unless I sell the house later and buy a smaller house… >_>).

I know Canada has a property tax where you pay for the land the house is sitting on. Maybe there’s some version of it in the US.

Congrats on the inhertance.