Good rpg's for any system.

well i wanted to know what other people think are good rpgs well lets start

PS1-ff7,8,9, and chrono cross
PS2-ff10,kingdom hearts 1,2,digital devil saga 1,2
GC-tales of symphiona ,Baten kaitos fire emblem and ff i guess
Xbox- i found it had no good RPG’s lol

so there are my fav rpg’s but i really like the GC(gamecube) one because they are fun so get a GC and get those RPG’S but there are some many other rpgs out there so get them

Pokémon Colesaeam and Pokémon XD are more battle orenated, but are quite good. The Battle System is atucally tough to make it work effectivly.

Skies of Acadia: Legends need some time to work its magic.


Chrono Cross and FF8 are awful. The Xbox has KotoR 1. KotoR 2 is a gutted KotoR 1 sadly.

How is CC awful? It’s one of the better RPG’s for PSone.

I see this degenerating into pointless flaming.

And is KOTOR 2 really that bad? I’d heard that it was ok, just that one must have patience in abundance.

Sin hates CC, I loved it. I hate Vagrant Story, he loves it. Stuff like that happens.

I liked FFVIII but I realize that a lot of people didn’t like the plot devices. I played it for the gorgeous setting and ingenious battle system. I also think it has a lot of valuable things to say about love and friendship, and so does FFIX.

I agree that Chrono Cross was awful. It had a gorgeous atmosphere, a few very well fleshed-out characters, and a decent plot, but it was unplayable. The battle system was a failure. It’s one of the only battle systems I’ve ever seen in a game that just invariably sucked shit. It had NO redeeming qualities. It was just an awful, furiously shitty, virulent waste of my time, and it prevented me from enjoying an otherwise flawless game.

For PSOne I recommend Suikoden I and II. I love the customizability they offer your party, and their tactical map battles are so well done that FFT seems like uninspired trash by comparison. But I’m biased. I thought FFT was uninspired trash before I ever picked up Suikoden.

Legend of Mana is also a great game, but it’s pretty rare. If you can find it, grab it.

For PS2, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FFX. FFX is to RPGs what Nirvana is to grunge rock. It’s simply a must-play, best game in the best RPG series by fucking LIGHTYEARS. I know it’s already been mentioned, but I wanted to emphasize it.

I’ve also heard nothing but raving about Xenosaga. I’ve never played it, but if the vast majority of it’s fans can be trusted, it’s worth having in your collection.

XenoSaga, tricky to play, and the loading time and FMV’s made it impossible for me at the moment.

I end up being half way between save points before I have to turn it off.

FFX-2, If you want a “tease,” brilliant. But it’s too differnt to FFx for some people to take it seriosly.

Butter, he said RPG’s, not movies. Xenosaga denied.

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It’s a RPG Movie in my book. FFX and Star Ocean 3 is a Movie style RPG…