Well i love rpg’s but now that i’m getting older i find that i’m losing my touch of rpg’s so what are some good rpg’s for the playstation and gamecube??? i love the final fantasy and digital devil saga for the playstation and tales of symphonia for the gamecube so list all the good rpg’s out there.

You’re badly mistaken. There are none.

However, nab Dragon Quest 8 or Shin Megumi Nocture for PS2 if you can.
For the 'cube, there isn’t much. Nab Fire Emblem and the Lost Kingdom series.

And for the record, “RPG” stands for “Role-playing game” so you just asked about “good role-playing game games.”

Street Fighter

Street Fighter kicks ass. Vega pwns.

is this a joke

Vega? Chun-Li will kick his gay ass any day.

Maybe they meant the Japanese Vega, who is known in the US as M. Bison.

“The Japanese Vega” makes me think of electronics.

No, dude, I meant american Vega, who is known as Balrog in Japan. Vega is so awesome that I went and bought an action figure of him. Now if only I could pull off half his moves…

I might be going out on a limb here, and I might be risking my neck, but if you are looking for some non-epically dire or serious RPG, Paper Mario 2 is fun on GC. I have never been one for all the egomanically serious RPG’s, they can be fun, but they get dry for me after a while.