Good PS2 RPGs?

My little brother’s birthday is coming up on Friday, and I am gonna get him an RPG for PS2 as a gift.

Question is, which shall it be?

Let’s see… he enjoyed the following…

Most FFs, except Tactics. He hates SRPGs. >_>;;
Star Ocean 3
Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne
Digital Devil Saga
Wild Arms 3
Xenosaga Ep 1 and 2
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Vagrant Story
Kingdom Hearts

Any suggestions on what I should get him?

Shadow Hearts…er, unless you don’t want him seeing kinda violent, grotesque stuff.

He’s gonna be 15, I think he can handle it.

Shadow Hearts is a pretty bad game IMO. -_-
If he liked SO3, try him on SO2 and/or Valkyrie Profile if you can find them. Maybe try looking for Threads of Fate or Grandia.
Yeah, those are all PSX games, but you’ve listed most of the good PS2 RPGs already. 8p

Try the Nippon Ichi games:

La Pucelle Tactics
Disgae: Hours of Darkness
Phantom Brave

You said he enjoyed “most FFs”. FFX too? If he hasn’ t got it, definitely get him FFX. Otherwise, Breath Of Fire V. It’ s a bit unusual but most people like it. I’ ve started playing it and I can say it’ s cute. Read its review if you’ re not sure.

Bof V is has a 50-50 split of people who like it to people you don’t. If he doesn’t like strategy games because they go to slowly try getting him Arc the Lad Collection. It is really simple and you get a lot of game time from it.

I recomend grandia 2 its really intertaining and also really cheap I got it for like three dollars at movie gallery. :moogle:

I’d recommend La Pucelle, Phantom Brave, or Disgaea, but he doesn’t like tactical RPGs? =\

Umm… I’d say uh… I have no idea >:\

He doesnt like tactics?

That makes children in 3rd world countries die inside…

Yeah, I tried to show him the awesomness of FF Tactics, but he won’t open his eyes :frowning:

i dont see why he dosnt like tactics man thats sorta wac!