Good prices?

Okay, so I got offered today to buy a copy of FF VIII off a friend, who’s selling off all of his old ‘shitty’ games, as he says.
Is $20AU a good price for it? And also, he’s offered to throw in the PS1 for another $15.
I withdrew $40 earlier tonight… to get it tomorrow, when he brings it.
A good investment?

Oh, also, Terranigma - $30


I dont know the conversion rate, but that doesnt sound too outragous. I think in stores here in the US, its selling for like 15 bucks.

I’d like it, except I hear it’s NTSC-resistant. Sucks, I’ll have to live with playing the Japanese cart (complete for $5, but Japanese games tend to go much lower than English on ebay).
(as for conversion, I remember having a teacher once quite happy to swap $20AU for $20US. So, that’d mean $30 AU is more than $30US?)
Probably still a good deal, I see auctions on ebay for like $100US (make that $80US now).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t AU televisions broadcast in the PAL format anyway? That’d mean that the english Terranigma cart would work in Australia easily (and it can work on a US TV with a little effort).

$20 AUD is roughly $15 USD, which is how much FFVIII sells for new in the 'States. I don’t know how much it sells for in Australia, though, so that could be a really good deal. Either way, so long as it’s not breaking the bank for you, and it’s a game you’re interested in, it’s worth it. $15 AUD is about $11 USD, which is a pretty good deal for a PS1, so you’ll be making back any money you lost in that transaction.