Good online RPGs

What are some good, safe (not putting a virus on my computer) online RPGs? I am not talking about pirated versions of RPGs that are already out there but good RPGs online that someone made legally. (Preferrably free RPGs).

Example: Adventure Quest (adds on this website told me about)
Example: The Good Storyline topic has a link to an RPG. I don’t know if it safe or not though.

Adventure Quest is horrible.

Try Kingdom of Loathing.

A LOT of my friends play something called “Fly for Fun” or ‘Flyff’

It’s FREE Warcraft, basically, toned down a lot.

But it’s still pretty widespread.

Look it up, I suppose.

Planeshift, or maybe Flyff?

I third Kingdom of Loathing. You may also want to try EVE